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Kate Beckinsale's insane workout video has an odd detail you've got to see

How do you get abs like that?

kate beckinsale workout toilet
Ahad Sanwari
Ahad SanwariOnline News WriterNew York
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Kate Beckinsale has more than proven to the world that she has the chops to pummel any of her foes to the ground, and that's without needing to cue up any of the Underworld movies.

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And she's also shown what she's capable of with her absolutely beastly workout videos, where she goes in hard like no other.

WATCH: Kate Beckinsale's workout with an odd detail

However, her newest workout video had fans just as awed, till they started scratching their heads when they spotted one specific detail.

Kate spent the entirety of the video aggressively kicking a punching bag that her trainer held down, switching legs up in between.

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At the end of the video, as she finished her set, the friend who was recording her asked, "Jesus, who were you thinking of?"

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Many saw the power from her fitness coming through in her character in Jolt

Kate cryptically wrote in the caption of the video, "Apparently there's some debate about whether a swan can break your arm but they can def give you a mighty pecking." 

Fans were mightily impressed, but many noticed a peculiar detail in the video that would be easy to miss if you didn't know what you were looking for. Behind the actress, nestled against the other equipment, sat a toilet bowl out in the open.

"Why is there a toilet in that room? Lol," one fan commented, with another also asking, "But why the toilet?" Kate actually responded to one of the comments, writing, "that's a @gunnarfitness question," tagging Gunnar Peterson, the owner of the gym.

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As per Peterson, the toilet is there as a way to inspire those exercising to keep pushing and not giving up (and just in case someone goes too hard that they'd need to throw up).

kate beckinsale workout flexibility© Photo: Instagram

The actress has consistently left fans shook with her intense workouts

Several did comment on how amazing her workout was, though, especially with many of them having watched her newly released Jolt and noticing the similarities.

"Kick Beckinswoll," one follower wrote in the comments, while another said, "so that how you practice the kick for Jolt."

Kate's previous workout videos have been just as much of a hit with her followers, showing off her pure strength and incredible flexibility.

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