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Victoria Beckham's teeth: how her veneers keep her looking youthful

The former Spice Girl has totally changed her smile

victoria beckham youth secret

Victoria Beckham is known for rarely smiling, but on the odd occasion she does flash us her grin, she has a gorgeous set of perfectly aligned teeth.

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This wasn't always the case though. The 48-year-old has had extensive dental work done to achieve her enviable smile, says top dentist Dr. Rhona Eskander of the Chelsea Dental Clinic. "Before her smile makeover, Victoria has what we call a 'deep bite' which is when your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth more than what is considered to be the usual," Dr. Rhona explains.

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"Her teeth were also retroclined, which means they slanted inwards," Dr. Rhona continues. Victoria also lacked buccal corridors, before she had her smile overhaul.

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Buccal corridors are when you show eight to ten teeth when you smile, for a wide, attractive grin. Before her dental makeover, when Victoria smiled everything was focused on the front teeth, with the back teeth not showing as much.

Victoria Beckham veneers

victoria beckham teeth before after

Victoria Beckham's teeth: before and after

If you compare Victoria's picture-perfect 2022 smile to pictures of the star from her Spice Girls days, Dr. Rhona says it's likely VB has had porcelain veneers.

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"The shapes and proportions of the teeth have completely changed, and so has her bite, so it's likely she's had the top and bottom teeth done," says Dr. Rhona.

victoria beckham teeth© Photo: Getty Images

Victoria Beckham's perfect teeth keep her looking youthful

The dentist also explains that Victoria's new teeth are key to preserving her age-defying looks. Dr. Rhona says Victoria has a long upper lip length, which measures the base of the nose to the upper part of the lip. As we age this area gets longer, which can make us look older. Having bigger teeth provides more support to the lips to keep them looking lifted, fuller and more youthful.

Dr. Rhona goes on to explain that Victoria now has fuller buccal corridors and the length of the teeth have changed. "Some people try to achieve this with orthodontic treatment such as braces, but because the shapes and colour of Victoria Beckham's teeth have changed, we can see she's had veneers because this can't be achieved with braces and whitening alone."

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