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7 genuine reasons my fifties are my best decade yet

Anna Richards, 54, shares why her liberated, confident and empowered fifties are her best decade yet

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Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
September 4, 2023
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In the latest series of And Just Like That… Carrie, Seema, Charlotte and co have put being fifty-plus on the map, making their sixth decade look like the most glamourous, liberating, empowering and fun era yet.

It seems like more than ever, women in their fifties are ruling the roost, and for the first time in a long time, we're using people in their fifties as inspiration for how we went to shape our lives, from watching videos of JLo, 54, to inspire our workouts and taking snaps of 58-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker's hair when we go to see our colourists.

Could it be that our fifties have always been the most incredible decade when we begin to feel the most comfortable in ourselves, but we've only just realised it?

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Anna Richards said her fifties are her best decade yet

Keen to discover just why being fifty-plus is so great, HELLO! caught up with Anna Richards, the 54-year-old founder of ethical sex platform to chat about why her fifties are her best decade yet.

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Here Anna shares everything that's fabulous about being fifty-something.

Why fifty is the best decade

1. I own my opinion

Now I'm in my fifties, I love being vocal in talking about and owning my opinions.

I used to feel that younger people seemed so confident and self-assured in themselves and their views whereas I sometimes questioned my own beliefs. But now, it’s fabulous to feel I do have a valued judgment and it is just as worthy. Experience has helped define that and it has come with age.

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2. I'm not worried about being judged

At 54, I worry less about what people think and realise we can’t all agree with everyone. Does it really matter when there are often bigger issues at stake?

I am far more relaxed knowing that people will always judge and comment, but equally many more will be supportive. Having the strength to step forward and achieve is much more important to me. I am more in tune with believing we are only here for a short time, so make it count and enjoy the journey.

3. I have more time for friendship

Since being in my fifties, I certainly nurture and value my long-term friendships so much more, due to the time we have invested in each other and the many highs and lows we have experienced between us through the decades.

These are precious, meaningful friendships that are even more important to me in my 50s. Friendships that can’t easily be replaced and offer wonderful consistency of fun and laughter -something I have come to cherish so much.

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4. I've accepted that not all fashion trends suit me

I have come to terms with the fact that not all fashion trends are relevant to me and honing your personal style can take time, but I do want to embrace ageless dressing.

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I have learnt it's about accepting your own style and complementing that look and not feeling I should or shouldn’t wear something, but rather wearing what I feel supports me and reflects who I am.

5. I can justify treating myself

I also feel happy to collect luxury items too and finally in my fifties feel I can justify a little splurge now and again with better quality designer items with less guilt. I think my wardrobe has never looked better.

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6. I've nailed the art of me time

When I have spare time, I make sure I check in with myself and focus on personal downtime and try to ensure a healthy work balance so I can continue with the energy and drive through my fifties and beyond.

Time was always in such short supply when juggling family and work life, but it's a wonderful feeling to have a new sense of purpose and freedom. I feel like I am in such an exciting decade I never thought I would experience.

7. Age doesn't define me

When I turned 50, I reaffirmed my belief that I could still be a sexual woman in mid-life. I saw that age didn’t need to define my outlook, reduce my ability to still feel attractive and desired or reduce my interest in sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

I have become so much more fluid in my understanding of ageing and it has become much more of a liberating personal decision not to allow my age to define me.

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I find it necessary to show women further down the path of life that they can still be both very sexual and enjoy great solo sex or partnered sex as seen in the erotic films on my platform, FrolicMe.

I feel I am in such a valuable place as the founder of Frolicme to talk about the joys and benefits of healthy sex at different ages and help women like me in their fifties enjoy fun and fulfilling sex lives.

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