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Princess Kate's university hobbies totally separate from Prince William

The Prince and Princess of Wales had different hobbies at St. Andrews

Prince William and Princess Kate looking serious
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Princess Kate and Prince William famously met while studying at St. Andrews University in Scotland, and while you might imagine they were inseparable during the early years of their relationship, comments from the Princess of Wales this week reveal this wasn't the case.

The royal was reminiscing about her university days while visiting Nottingham Trent University on Wednesday, telling the public: "I'd love to be a student again.

"I remember university for me was one of those great opportunities to try out new hobbies, and that has carried through now. I loved trying out new things, and challenging myself, whether (in) sports, music, or art."

Princess Kate playing tennis 2021
Princess Kate loved playing tennis at university

The Princess went on to reveal the sports she dabbled in while at St. Andrews, explaining: "I love being outside and being a part of all the different sports clubs, so doing things like hockey and tennis at university," she said.

"I also tried out the photography club at university, which was great and I met totally new friends, and that’s something I continue to love and enjoy now," Princess Kate continued.

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While Prince William was equally active at university, tennis and hockey weren't clubs he was a member of. The Prince of Wales preferred water polo and was even captain of St. Andrews' team with his brother Prince Harry gently ribbing him for his water polo penchant in his speech at Prince William and Princess Kate's wedding.

rince William warms up as he makes his water polo debut for the Scottish National Universities Squad i© Getty Images
Prince William was water polo captain at university

William made his international water polo debut in 2004, taking to the pool for the Scottish National Universities side at a competition in Cardiff.

Sadly, his team lost 14-7, but not through any fault of William's, with Welsh captain Oliver Newcombe saying the future King "gave as good as he got. We didn't single him out for any special treatment. Water polo is a hard sport to play."

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Princess Kate added in her chat at Nottingham Trent that she encourages her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, to follow in her experimental footsteps.

“It’s one of the things with my kids too, just trying out new things, and university for me was when I learned to try out because there is so much on offer," she said.

The Wales' now live in Windsor, pictured here accompanying their children on their first day to Lambrook School© Getty
The Wales family have a variety of hobbies

Her three children are certainly adventurous when it comes to their hobbies. George and Louis reportedly both love rugby, football and tennis, while Charlotte enjoys ballet and gymnastics.

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