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Exclusive: Frankie Bridge on the biggest lesson motherhood has taught her

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Frankie Bridge has spoken candidly about how motherhood has changed her outlook on life. The Saturdays singer, who is currently supporting Superdrug and P&G's FeelSuper campaign to raise money for Marie Curie, has opened up about the biggest lesson she has learned being a mum-of-two to her and husband Wayne Bridge's sons Carter and Parker.

frankie bridge style© Photo: PA

Frankie Bridge revealed what motherhood has taught her exclusively to HELLO! Online

"Just to stress less," the 27-year-old told HELLO! Online exclusively. "It sounds stupid because you would have thought it goes the opposite way, but I've always been such an anxious person, I overthink everything. I'm always worrying about everyone and everything and actually, it's gone the opposite way since I've had children."

She continued: "You don't have control over everything. Obviously I want the best for the boys and I worry about them, but you just can't stress too much. It takes less of the heat off yourself because you think less about yourself and what's going on in your life and more about theirs."

marie curie cancer

The singer is fronting Superdrug and P&G's FeelSuper campaign

That's not to say the brunette beauty doesn't allow herself some 'me-time', with Frankie revealing that one of her go-to pampering treatments is a nice soak in the bath.

"I never used to be much of a bath person and now, I just really appreciate just getting that time being in the bath for at least ten minutes," she said. "Just to chill, maybe do a face mask or a hair mask or something like that – extra special little treatments." Her pampering products? "Just the kids' stuff or something like that!" she quips.

She admitted that her beauty regime had changed since she had children, explaining that "you just want to be quick whatever you do". However, there is one golden skincare rule she makes sure to follow. "I will always take my make-up off at night, always," she said.

frankie bridge children© Photo: Instagram

She and husband Wayne have two adorable little boys

When it comes to her favourite products, the London-born star admitted she prefers multi-tasking beauty heroes. "Olay do a nice two-in-one tinted moisturiser," she revealed. "I think nowadays everyone wants that natural glow, no-one really likes to look like they've made an effort."

She added: "I think that as a mum, it's good because you can whack it on and you look healthy, that's always good."

When it comes to her healthy lifestyle, Frankie admitted that she doesn't follow a particular diet, but does enjoy exercise as a way to unwind.

"I try and work out most days," she confessed. "I know that's not very relaxing, but I go and do classes with my friends so I get to socialise and work out at the same time. It's just having that hour to myself, doing just one thing that I want to do a day, it's really good."

frankie bridge

The campaign aims to raise £200,000 for Marie Curie

Husband Wayne has also inspired her to take up boxing, although she admitted she can't "keep up" with his routine. "I do boxing at a proper little boxing gym," she said. "Wayne does proper boxing – I try and keep up with him but I can't! I [also] do Pilates and T-REX, occasionally spinning but I hate it – that's if I'm really trying to make a good effort but there's not one part of it that I enjoy."

It's been a busy few weeks for Frankie, who is once again fronting the FeelSuper campaign to help raise money for Marie Curie.

"This is our second time around now, with Superdrug and P&G we're raising money for Marie Curie and we wanted to raise over £100,000 and we managed to raise over £200,000 in the end!" she revealed. "That equals ten nurses for a year for Marie Curie, so that was amazing. We thought, 'Oh, let's do it again' – so no pressure! Now we want to raise over £200,000 again."

Frankie Bridge is once again supporting the Superdrug and P&G FeelSuper Campaign, which last year raised £200,000 for Marie Curie in 2015. From 21st September to 18th October, each time you buy selected P&G products in a Superdrug store nationwide or at, including brands such as Max Factor, Olay, Gillette Pantene – and many more, P&G will make a donation to Marie Curie. One product = One donation.

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