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Beauty hack: Stop your mascara smudging with this simple trick

Sick of your mascara smudging? Well, HELLO!'s beauty influencer Alex Light shows you how to avoid the dreaded smudge with this very simple trick...

mascara smudge
Alex Light
Body Work Columnist
February 26, 2019
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We've all been there - you're super late, running to get out of the house and hurriedly applying your mascara as you're literally half out of the door when BAM, you get mascara all over your eyelids. Cue five minutes of careful scrubbing to remove the smudges without ruining your lashes... The struggle is real. 

It's even worse when you've had LVL, the lash lifting and curling treatment founded by Nouveau Lashes that is amazing for making your lashes look thicker and longer but awful for making your mascara hit your eyelids with each brush of the wand. 

But fear not, people - I have a hack! This is actually the hack that's most applicable for me in everyday life because it's not at all time-consuming and only requires a business card (of which I have many because who gives out business cards anymore?! It's all about the Instagram handle, dahling). 

Simply place the business card on the top lash line and apply your mascara - the wand will hit the card rather than your eyelids. Repeat the same step with the lower lash line et voila - smudge-free!

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