Michelle Keegan shares makeup tips, why she loves Meghan Markle's favourite foundation, & her red carpet fears

Plus, you'll never guess where she contours...

Leanne Bayley

This week we were lucky enough to visit the penthouse suite at The Shard, which is rumoured to cost £10k a night, to interview Michelle Keegan. The 31-year-old Our Girl actress has been named as the new face of Nouveau Lashes - and she's the perfect ambassador. A long-time fan of Nouveau Lashes LVL (which stands for length, volume, lift) it's all about making the most of what you already have, and the revolutionary lash treatment has been taking the beauty industry by storm over the past few years.

When we interviewed Michelle, who looked sensational in a pinstripe two-piece, she looked tanned and gorgeous. Her makeup, as per usual, looked picture perfect and when asked about the type of foundation she opts for, it would appear that she has similar tastes to the Duchess of Sussex because they both love Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer. Michelle said: "For me, I use a sheer foundation - like the Giorgio Armani illuminator foundation - which has got a little bit of coverage, but it's not too thick. And it's got a dewy finish."


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Michelle continued: "I don't really like feeling like my face is caked in makeup, and it can't breathe. I have combination skin so if I wear too thick foundation, I can feel it sliding off in areas, and then I'm conscious of it all day."

But she does mix up her beauty products depending on the time of year. "In the summer, I'd wear something like a Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - the oil-free one, it's really good. I do wear a lot less makeup in the summer, definitely - mainly because you've got a bit of a base tan. Obviously, when it is summer, I wear SPF. If I'm on a beach holiday I wear no makeup, and I just have my Nouveau Lashes LVL."


The last time we saw Michelle in public it was for the NTAs, where she was nominated for her role as Lance Corporal Georgie Lane on the BBC drama series that has just been commissioned for a fourth series. But if you think the former Coronation Street star loves red carpets, you'd be wrong! "It's daunting, honestly. It's like throwing a lamb to the slaughter. Because you know it's coming, and you know with these pictures you're going to be ripped to shreds, or you're going to love what you're wearing, or hate what you're wearing, or your makeup, it's honestly just terrifying. You're going out there to get judged."

Thankfully, at the NTAs her Dafna May tutu dress garnered rave reviews, and Michelle was the talk of the night after showing up with her husband Mark Wright who had jetted in from LA to support her.


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If she's not being made up by her glam squad for the red carpet, Michelle says her signature look is quite low maintenance. "I always wear nude lips - I don't feel comfortable with a dark lip," she told us. "I just don't feel like me. I don't really amp up my eyes either, I either wear a little bit of eyeliner on top or a few layers of mascara if I need to amp up my eye. But that's it really."

Come on though, Michelle! You've got to have a little beauty trick up your sleeve that you can share with us?! "I put a little bit of contour in the socket of my eye... I use Hoola by Benefit, which has no orange pigment in, and it's quite a matte brown. And I use that to contour cheekbones, jaw, and now I put a little bit in my crease. It's a really good little tip."

Talking about her obsession with fluttery lashes, Michelle said: "I first had Nouveau Lashes LVL done five years ago, and I remember putting a selfie up on Instagram and everyone was like, 'why are your eyelashes so long?' My friend recommended it to me because I was going on holiday and I couldn't wear individual eyelashes because I was working two weeks after, and I knew they'd be falling out and I'd have to get them taken off. So I thought I'd try it, and I absolutely loved it. It lasted for eight weeks, and I've been having them done ever since. So when they asked me to be an ambassador, I was like 'amazing!'. I'm genuinely a fan..."


Just like she does with her fashion, and style, Michelle likes to mix up the high-end luxury brands with the cheap 'n' cheerful. "I love L'Oreal because they've got great eyeliners, Giorgio Armani for their bases, and Laura Mercier and I love their skincare and the body butter. I love NARs concealer - it really brightens the eyes."

And it's a similar tale with her skin care routine: "I've started using a cleanser from The Body Shop called Vitamin E, which is really really good. Also, Elemis Foaming Cleanser, which is really easy to use. For moisturiser, I use Sisley Day Cream, and then at night, I've just started using the Weleda Skin Food. My friend recommended it to me, and it's really good. It's like a mask - quite thick - so I use that every other day before bed."

Perhaps Michelle is pals with Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whitely or Holly Willoughby because they're all fans of the £9 Skin Food.

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Michelle isn't a slave to a jade roller or any of the other at home face mod-cons but does love sheet masks while travelling - which is a lot! Whether she's travelling abroad to film Our Girl, or visit Mark in America, or jetting off on beach holidays, Michelle admits she's a pro at packing these days, telling us: "I am a pro, although I hate packing and living out of suitcases, obviously it comes with the territory which is fine, but yes, I'm a bit of a pro now. I have to pack my skincare wherever I go; the cleansers, the moisturisers, even my leave-in conditioner." And for those of you who want Michelle's silky soft hair, she is currently loving  Balmain's Leave-In Conditioner Spray, £27.


On the topic of other beauty treatments, she's a fan of microblading - the tattooing technique for brows. "I love it... I haven't had mine done for two years now, and they do fade, but it just gives you a good stencil on how to shape your eyebrows," she said.

"I'm not very artistic so for me, I've got a good base for knowing where to put the pencil, and where to fill in the gaps. I'd have loved to have a bushy, natural brow but unfortunately, I overplucked and my eyebrows don't grow. Kids today [who don't pluck] don't understand the pain we have had to go through!"


Michelle is very close to her mum, and over the years mama Keegan has given her daughter stellar beauty advice: "My mum always told me: Look after your skin! Use a really good SPF, and moisturise your hands because they're the first thing that ages, so now I carry hand moisturiser with me. My mum is going to be very proud."

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As she's looked up to young girls who want to copy her hair, makeup, and style, is there anyone in the public eye that inspires Michelle? The answer is yes. "I love Jessica Alba... I feel like she's really natural, and I love her style. I'm always watching videos of her doing her skincare routine and I love the fact that she wears minimal makeup, and she's quite confident in her own skin. I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as well - she doesn't wear that much makeup in the day, and she doesn't need to! You don't need to wear makeup to feel empowered."

Michelle Keegan is the brand ambassador for Nouveau Lashes. For further information please visit nouveaulashes.co.uk