Loose Women's Saira Khan reveals parenting struggle after daughter refused to eat

The Loose Women panellist has two children

Saira Khan has revealed she can feel like a "bad mum" to her daughter Amara who has struggled to eat properly. Appearing on Loose Women this week, the panellist spoke to her co-hosts about how they deal with their children when it comes to their "fussy" eating habits. "I'll tell you what the problem with that was that I had Zac, my firstborn - a piece of cake," she explained. "No problem at all! He was eating olives at the age of two, garlic, this that. And then I had Amara. I go back and think I wonder if it's because I didn't carry Amara, Amara was adopted."

Saira Khan shares two children with husband Steven Hyde

"I don't know what her mother ate," the TV star added. "I don't know what the diet was but it was, and only until very recently, she's eight now, it has been a real struggle. First of all, she has a tiny tummy, she's teeny, and that's why I'm anxious because I need her to get all of the nutrients." Saira adopted Amara with her husband Steven Hyde in 2011. The couple are also doting parents to 11-year-old son Zac.

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Last year, the mother-of-two was reduced to tears as she opened up about the process of adopting her daughter from an orphanage in Pakistan. "All I remember is when they put her in my arms, she was mine," Saira shared with the panel and audience. "That was it. I looked into these eyes, huge eyes, and they were staring back at me like that."

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On learning the news of her birth, she recalled: "I got a phone call six days after going into Pakistan and they said, 'A baby girl's been abandoned.' At that moment I had to make a decision. I don't know what's wrong with this baby, I will never know about her medical condition, what do I do? The doctor said, 'Do you want to carry on or do you want to take the baby back?' And I said, 'This baby is mine and whatever happens to her, I am taking her back to the UK.' And I did. She was in intensive care for seven days."

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