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17 cool & unique Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages

What do kids like these days? Let us inspire you with these unique gift ideas...

Child opening Christmas present
Katherine Robinson
Katherine RobinsonSenior Lifestyle Editor
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What do you buy the kid who has everything for Christmas? Present shopping for children can sometimes be hard. Especially if you're on the lookout for something a little bit different that will make their little faces light up when they open it.

If you’re looking for a unique, but totally cool, gift for your son, daughter, niece nephew or grandchildren, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered together the best gift ideas for kids of all ages – and there’s something here for everyone, whatever their taste or whatever your budget. All these ideas are just as good for birthdays or any other special occasion...

Best cool and unique gift ideas for kids at a glance

  • The retro kids' gift with a brand new spin: Bandai Tamagotchi Uni, £49.99 - Most of us parents gre up with the original Tamagotchi in the 90s, but this version has rechargable batteries and lots of funky new features.
  • A unique digital pet you can actually touch: Bitzee Digital Pet, £30.99 - Bitzee is 15 pets-in-one that you unlock by caring for it like the standard digital pet. But here's the twist, it responds to your touch!
  • A fun kids present idea for monkey fans:  Monkey See Monkey Poo board game, £18.99 - This new hilarious vertical board game is great to play with the whole family.
  • For the jewellery lovers: Pop Style Tile Bracelet Maker, £20 - No knots, no cutting, no mess; just a great little kit that lets you make and remake 10 different bracelets using the 170 snap on beads.
  • The ultimate gift for kids to enjoy with friends: The Original AIR FORT Inflatable Fort for Kids, £63.82 - Ready in seconds, no messing about with poles; just plug it in and you're done. A cute little den for kids to hang outin with pals.
  • Best personalised gift idea for kids: Letterfest Personalised storybook, £23.95 - Sure to be a bedtime story favourite for years to come. Just add their name and other details to make a unique story they'll love.
  • An experience day for kids gift idea: Diggerland admission for two, £64 - A gift they'll never forget, a fun day out at a theme park completely devoted to diggers

How we chose the best Unique Christmas gifts for kids

  • Expert data analysis: To find out what kids really want for Christmas, we spoke to researchers and data analysts GWI, who conduct an annual survey exploring the attitudes and behaviours of kids aged 8-15 years who use the internet. The top find? Barbie being noted as a favourite toy has almost doubled since 2021. You'll find unique present choices to reflect these trends, and many more in our gift guide. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more.
  • Price: We wanted to cater to all budgets in this gift guide, from those wanting a small stocking filler to loved ones looking for a big blowout present
  • Personal experience: Several of the HELLO! team, myself included are parents with years of present shopping experience. We've included the tried and tested products we love, and we're constantly reviewing new releases.
  • Reviews: Where it wasn't possible to try the toys ourselves, we only included products with a high volume of positive reviews from verified shoppers
  • Variety: Some kids love crafts, others are sport or game-obsessed. We tried to include something for everyone in our gift guide

Best unique Christmas gifts for kids you can shop now

  • Bandai Tamagotchi Uni

    Tamagotchi Uni

    The retro kids gift with a brand new spin

    Ages: 6 years and up

    If your child is begging for a kitten, puppy, or hamster a Tamagotchi is the next best thing. The Tamagotchi Uni is the newest version of the 90s classic toy which parents will remember. My daughter is absolutely obsessed with hers - I love the fact that it’s wearable as a watch which tracks your movements so you can take it for a walk or meet up with friends and the fact that it’s rechargeable via USB cable is a massive plus too (we had the previous generation Tamagotchi Pix which burned through batteries at an alarming rate) This is a unique gift that all kids will love, whatever they’re into - the joy you get watching the little creature grow and evolve is immense.

  • Bitzee Digital Pet

    Bitzee digital pet

    A unique digital pet you can touch

    Ages: 5 and up

    My kids are big fans of Tamagotchis, but Ive never seen them so excited over a toy as when they tested out Bitzee. It’s a digital pet with a difference as you can actually touch it - it reacts to swipes, tilts and touches. The concept is the same as with most digi pets - it starts as a baby and you have to take care of it - feed it, play with it - even rock it to sleep, and it grows into an adult - and the more you play, the more pets you unlock. It comes in a ring-style box, which you open - and the floating image of your pet appears. It was a real novelty for my kids. They completed the training lesson easily, and enjoyed filling up the ‘love’ meter to evolve the pets and unlocking mini games to progress their Bitzie’s even further. The pets include common (bunny, cat, hedgehog, snail), rare (butterfly, chameleon) and legendary (mercat, unicorn) - and they’re all super adorable! And for me, the big plus point (apart from the reasonable price) is that with Bitzee, when the box is closed, the pet is ‘sleeping’ and doesn’t make any demands until you open it again.

  • Monkey See Monkey Poo board game

    Monkey See Monkey Poo game

    A Christmas present idea for monkey fans

    Ages: 4 and up

    This is a really silly vertical family board game for two to four players which will appeal to anyone who loves monkeys, or finds toilet humour funny (isn’t that everyone??) The game will be over in about 25-30 minutes, but my two kids wanted to play it again and again. You spin the wheel to see how many flings you get, then load the bana-scented ‘poo’ into the monkey flinger and launch it at the tree to collect banana tokens. Depending on how many tokens you get, move you monkey up the vine, and the first to the top wins. My kis are six and ten and they love playing it together, and I think this would be good for younger kids to get them counting and recognising numbers.

  • The Enchanted Treehouse Disney LEGO set

    The Enchanted Treehouse Disney LEGO set

    The ultimate LEGO set for Disney fans

    Ages: 7 and up

    Disney Fans will adore this thousand-piece set - and it's a great one because not only will they spend hours making it, but they'll be playing with it for months to come. Although it's marked as for ages seven and above, my six-year-old is managing it - with a little help here and there. Even the ten-year-old boy is interested, despite the high Disney Princess count. To be precise, it features the characters Mulan, Raya, Elsa, Moana, Tinker Bell, Alice, Wendy, Belle, Tiana, Anna, Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine and Mirabel, so there's a lot to play with!

  • Pop Style Tile Bracelet Maker

    Pop Style Tile Bracelet Maker

    A present idea for jewellery fans

    Ages: 7 and up

    If your kid loves bracelets, and especially making bracelets, they’ll love this little kit. It’s reccomended for ages seven and up, but my six-year-old had no problem using it - I was actually surprised at how easy it is to use! You can make, and remake, 10 unique friendship bracelets using the 170 pop-on beads. There’s no cutting, collapse or even having to tie knots - so it’s very user friendly. It’s a very creative unique gift for kids that’s a great one to get them away from screens and computer games. It’s just a shame you can’t buy refills of the beads, but hopefully it’ll be something the manufacturer brings out in the future.

  • The Original AIR FORT Build A Fort in 30 Seconds, Inflatable Fort for Kids

    The Original AIR FORT Build A Fort in 30 Seconds, Inflatable Fort for Kids

    The Christmas gifts for kids to enjoy with friends

    Ages: 3 years and up

    Kids love hanging out in tents and dens, but this really takes it to the next level. it's an inflatable air fort, which is ready for play in seconds - you just switch on the fan and it's filled with air. No messing about with poles, and there's no floor so it's easily accessible for kids of all ages. A brilliant toy for sleepovers, playrooms and sure to be the fave hangout spot in the house. We love the starry night version, but it's available in plenty of other designs too!

  • Letterfest Personalised storybook

    unicorn book

    Best personalised gift idea for kids

    Ages: suitable for all ages

    A unique gift idea for kids that puts them in the spotlight – this is perfect. You can personalise the story to include names and the physical attributes of the child – and pen your own personalised message in the front inside cover. Sure to be a bedtime story favourite for many years to come!

  • Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn

    Airbrush Plush Magic Unicorn by Canal Toys

    The ultimate plushy for unicorn lovers

    Ages: six and above

    if they love unicorns they probably have every unicorn toy going - but this one is different. You spray paint it with the battery-powered airbrush and four coloured markers and stencils - and when you're ready for a new makeover, all you need to do is wash it in water and you can start all over again. And if that wasn't enough, it glows in the dark too. for the price, it's brilliant!

  • The Little Prince (Colector’s Edition) Hardback

    The Little Prince collector's edition

    A collector’s edition book they’ll treasure forever

    If you have a little bookworm to buy for, this is the one - My daughter, aged six, is crazy into books and she she loves to look at the pictures while I read it. This beautiful slip-cased gift edition of The Little Prince with full-colour illustrations also features bonus non-fiction content, exploring the history of The Little Prince, the real-life plane crash that inspired the story, the life of the author and more. It’s a gift they can keep forever - I know my daughter will love it even more when she’s old enough to read it herself and fully understand the themes in the book.

  • Diggerland admission for two


    An experience day for kids gift idea

    Ages: 3 and up

    An experience day is a great unique gift for kids – it’s a memory that they’ll cherish forever. If they’re truck mad, the Diggerland experience is perfect – but there’s something for every boy and girl, whatever their interests - whether it be a chocolate workshop, trampoline session, or even a treetop adventure at Go Ape. I know that in the case of my kids, they still talk about fun days out we've had years ago... And even thinking back to my own childhood, there are days out I can remember now fondly - a good 30 years (or more!) later. These sorts of gifts are always a hit!

  • Mr Men 48 book set

    mr men books

    A Christmas present idea to get them reading

    Ages: Suitable for all ages

    This is a gift that can be enjoyed at bedtime all year round – and by buying a full set online you can make some fantastic savings. There’s a whopping 87% off this Mr Men collection at Books2Door and there are bargains to be had on many other collections, including Peppa Pig, Star Wars, Julia Donaldson and Where’s Wally. As far as things to get for Christmas, you really can't beat a book set - I read a book a night with my daughter and when we get to the end of the collection she just wants to start all over again.

  • National Geographic rock tumbler starter kit

    rock tumbler kit

    A STEM toy Christmas present idea

    Ages: 8 and up

    STEM toys make great gifts for kids! It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and STEM learning encourages children to discover more about these subjects through fun – learning while they play basically. We love the National Geographic tock tumbler kit – which lets kids transform rocks into extraordinary polished gemstones. There are so many different STEM toys up for grabs on Amazon.

  • Tonies starter set

    Tonies Starter Set
    Tonies Starter Set

    An interactive audio storybook player

    Ages: Suitable for all ages

    Most kids love story time, but this is something completely different! Tonies are audiobook players for kids with a cute twist – the story is contained in a Tonie figure which they place on top of the Toniebox to hear stories, songs and educational content. You can even upload your own audio to make your special story session for them to listen to. 

    It’s totally wireless and screen-free and there are over 200 different Tonies to choose from including The Gruffalo, CoComelon, The Snowman, The Little Prince, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, as well as children’s fave Disney adventures such as Coco, Frozen, The Lion King and Cinderella.

  • Giles & Posner Pastel Candyfloss Maker

    Giles & Posner Candy floss maker

    A unique Christmas kids gift idea for sleepovers

    Ages: requires adult supervision

    As long as you can deal with a bit of a sugar rush, this is a gift kids will adore. What could be better fun than making your own funfair-worthy fluffy candy floss at home (with a bit of adult help of course)? This cute set comes with a measuring spoon and 50 wooden sticks - just add a spoonful of candyfloss sugar and watch the magic happen! We have this and it's been an absolute favourite when friends have come over, rainy days when bad weather has kept us indoors, or Friday nights... Just because. It's a gift idea that will be a firm favourite for years to come and last them well into their teens.

  • VTech Kidi DJ Mix

    V tech DJ mixer

    A DJ mixer designed for kids

    Do you have a mini music fan at home? The next big superstar DJ maybe? Then check this out! My daughter has it, and she couldn't love it more. If I'm honest, everyone in the whole family loves playing with it. This unique DJ mixer for kids includes 15 tracks in 7 different music styles and 15 multi-coloured instrument launch pads which light up. The professional-inspired turntable, cross-fader, light and tempo controls will delight budding DJs and the multi-coloured disco light effects will get the celebrations jumping on Christmas morning!

  • Banwood Classic Bike

    A royally-approved vintage bike

    Looking to surprise your little one with a new set of wheels? This royally-approved bicycle, a favourite with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie, will no doubt make any child, aged 3-7, happy this Christmas.

    This vintage bike is designed with a timeless Scandi look and features unique rosewood pedals.

    It has a lightweight navy-blue alloy frame and cream coloured 16” tires. It also comes equipped with safety bell, back-pedal brake, hand break and detachable training wheels.


  • Arbor Skateboard - Venice Collection

    Eco-friendly skateboards

    This is a skateboard with a difference - not only is it super stylish, it's got eco creds too! It's made from sustainable Canadian Maple Wood material which comes from sustainable sources of supply and you can be sure that it's been fanufactured while leaving behind the smallest possible carbon footprint.

    The skateboard itself is top quality - with bogart mini-cruiser wheels - and these have a wider footprint than most mini wheels, making it roll smoother on rough surfaces. The standing platform is nice and spacious too, making it a joy to ride.

Meet the experts

GWI are a group of researchers, data analysts and creatives who provide expert consumer insights. They conduct an annual survey exploring the attitudes and behaviours of kids aged 8-15 years who use the internet. This is done by interviewing children and their parents/guardians. They gave us insights exploring trends specifically among eight to 11-year-olds in the UK.  A few of the interesting things we discovered? The number of kids who play Mario has grown by 29% since 2021, the number of kids who would ask for jewellery as a present is up 23% since 2021, and those saying Barbie is a favourite toy has almost doubled since 2021. 

Star Wars is also growing in popularity. Chris Beer, data journalist at GWI says: "One of the strongest trends in the last few years has been households signing up to Disney+, and with the amount of Star Wars IP on the service, kids are getting more and more into its characters. Action figures, plushies, and LEGO sets are all likely to be popular. Baby Yoda and Yoda are the most popular Star Wars characters and are now liked by more UK kids than old favourites Superman, Captain Marvel, and Mickey Mouse."

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