10 family-friendly board games to play during lockdown: Cluedo, Trivia and more

These board games are fun for the whole family

Megan Bull

In need of a distraction? Look no further. With the UK on lockdown, we've rounded up a wide selection of board games to keep the whole family entertained. From Harry Potter and Disney-themed trivia to classic games like Cluedo and Monopoly, there really is something for everyone on this family-friendly round up. Full disclosure - these games may result in extreme competitiveness and/or minor family disputes. 

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TV and Movie Logo Game


Are you a film and TV buff?  Put your knowledge to the test with this hugely entertaining picture card, question game. 

Drumond Park LOGO Best of TV and Movies, £22.99, Amazon




Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery surrounding Dr. Black's murder at Tudor Mansion. A suspenseful whodunnit sure to keep the whole family entertained, get the scoop on the mansion's rooms, weapons and guests in order to solve the case. Was it Plum with the candlestick in the library? Or Green with the wrench in the dining room? 

Cluedo the Classic Mystery Board Game, £25.97, Amazon


 Colour Brain: The Disney Edition


Calling all Disney fans! Easy to learn and quick to play, this board game is all about colours. 

Featuring 250 questions about the Disney Universe - from "The colour of Scar's mane" to "The feather in Captain Hook's hat", split up into teams and test your knowledge of over 20 different Disney classics. 

Disney Colour Brain, £28.99, Amazon




Easy to play, the aim of the game is to call out as many examples as you can and don't give up until the timer runs out. From '10 Ice Cream Flavours' to '10 Ed Sheeran songs', players have to keep calling out examples until you've named the exact 10 on the card.

Tension: The Top 10 Naming Game, £22.09, Amazon


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Trivial Pursuit: The Harry Potter Edition


With over 600 trivia questions covering the Dark Arts, Hogwarts, magical spells, potions, objects, people, animals and creatures, this board game might yet confound the smartest witches and wizards.

 Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, £11.49, Amazon


Play That Tune: Disney 


A laugh-out-loud game for all the family, test your Disney song knowledge as well as your kazoo playing abilities with this musical guessing game. With 60 songs of varying difficulty included, players must play the tune on the kazoo, while their teammates guess which classic disney song is being played. 

Play That Tune: Disney, £8.99, Amazon




This one-of-a-kind board game will put your artistic skills to the test. It's a bit like charades - but with playdough! Split up into teams of 2 or more and each round, the team's sculptors must model the entry on their card. It's pretty simple really, the first team to guess correctly wins the round, but there's a twist...guess too slow and you'll lose some dough! Your team needs to act fast because each round the winners get to steal a plug of dough from a team of their choice. 

Rapidough, £22.97, Amazon


The LOGO Board Game 


You'll be surprised at just how many iconic logos there are in the world - can you guess them all? Best suited to adults and children aged 12 and over, this board game will have you feeling nostalgic with logos, brands and packaging from your childhood and today.

The LOGO Board Game, £30.34, Amazon


Mr & Mrs: Family Edition


How well do you know your partner? Based on the hit gameshow All Star Mr & Mrs, hosted by Phillip Sc

hofield, this board game requires players to pair up with either a romantic other half, friend or family member to answer in-depth and entertaining questions about each other. 

Mr & Mrs Family Edition, £19.99, Amazon


Guess Who 


This classic guessing game might just be what you need to keep the kids entertained. 

For anyone that doesn't know the rules, each player must choose a mystery character and then, using yes or no questions, guess which character their opponent is playing as. 

Guess Who, £17.77, Amazon


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