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James and Ola Jordan's daughter Ella is crawling all over the house – and she's the cutest!

The little tot will turn one in February

ola jordan and baby ella
Andrea Caamano
Website Editor
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Strictly's James and Ola Jordan keep their Instagram fans up to date with their daughter's daily adventures, and on Wednesday they were delighted to see that she can confidently crawl at eight months.

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Sharing the most adorable set of videos on Stories, James could be seen filming baby Ella on her bedroom floor whilst crawling around.

"Ella, Ella where are you going? Ella... Ella come here! Come on! Good to see she listens to me..." he said after trying to get her attention several times.

WATCH: James and Ola's daughter Ella is the cutest as she crawls around her bedroom

He then joked: "Look at your hair, you've got the same hairline as daddy, yes you have!"

In the clips, Ella, who will turn nine months old at the end of the month, could be seen in a cute pink babygrow in her gorgeous nursery, which proud dad James recently showed off.

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The proud father shared the most adorable video with fans in October, showing his daughter sitting in her big white cot, which featured a huge giraffe next to it.

ella jordan adorable© Photo: Instagram

Ella will turn nine months old later this month

The room, which is painted grey, also features a big pink elephant and a giraffe as well as a grey rocking chair, which is situated next to the cot.

Earlier this year, Ola revealed the rocking chair was one of her favourite pieces as it's where she feeds her daughter and they "spend time together". Another favourite is Ella's stunning wardrobe which is filled with gorgeous pink dresses.

The couple only took the plunge and decided to relocate their daughter into her own bedroom earlier in October.

james ola jordan baby ella© Photo: Instagram

The former Strictly dancers delight fans with daily updates of Ella

"My dad said, 'You should start putting her in her own bed or you'll be making a rod for your back later on. I think you should do it,'" James, 42, explained in the couple's parenting column for HELLO!.

"So we did it," Ola shared. "We put her in her room yesterday! The day before we said, 'This is going to be the last night she sleeps with us.' When I was getting her ready for bed I was feeling anxious!

"I was thinking, 'Oh my God, she's not going to be next to me anymore.' I was getting all teary then I thought, 'Snap out of it, she has to do it, she's getting to be a big girl now,' and she was fine!"

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