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The top 20 festive baby names in 2020 – and their hidden meanings

See why Karen and Felix are popular around Christmastime...

festive baby names
Nichola Murphy
Nichola MurphyDeputy Lifestyle Editor
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Whether they love Christmas or simply want to be reminded of the cheerful time of year, lots of new parents choose festive baby names – in fact, a whopping 78 per cent would consider it, according to new research.

And while some very traditional monikers such as Mary and David top the list, there are several more unusual options too. Take a look at the most popular festive-themed girls and boys names of 2020, and what they mean…

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Also in the top ten was Gloria, Carol and Joy – all names clearly associated with Christmas. 

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For boys, David proved to be most popular, with nearly 13,500,000 babies worldwide with this moniker, while Comet was the least common. There were several other names you'd expect to see in the top ten, such as Joseph, Jesus and Emannuel.

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However, you may be wondering how Karen, Rachel and Felix also proved to be popular festive monikers? All have special meanings that relate to the festive season.

Top 10 festive baby girl names and their meanings

1. Mary – Means rebellion

2. Gloria – Taken from the word glory featuring in many Christmas hymns and carols

3. Karen – meaning pure, is the name of the girl who returned Frosty to the North Pole

4. Angel – Other popular variations include Angela and Angelina

5. Carol – Likely associated with singing carols at Christmas, and means manly

6. Christina – The feminine name for Christian meaning follower of Christ

7. Virginia – Means chaste and is connected to the Virgin Mary

8. Rachel –  Meaning ewe, was the name of the first wife of Jacob

9. Joy – Brings happiness to everyone

10. Natalia – Means born at Christmas

christmas baby

Some of the most popular festive baby names may surprise you

Top 10 festive baby boy names and their meanings

1. David – Means beloved

2. Michael – A Hebrew name and longer form of Micha meaning who is like God

3. Joseph – A Hebrew moniker meaning increase or addition. It’s the name of the carpenter whom God chose to father Jesus

4. Emmanuel – Means God is with us

5. Jesus – Means God saves

6. Gabriel – Means Hero of God or God is my strength

7. Christian – Means follower of Christ

8. Frank – Meaning Freeman or Frenchman, is one of the gifts Balthazar gave to Mother Mary on the birth of Jesus

9. Christopher – Means bearer of Christ

10. Felix – Meaning happy is a perfect name to signify the cheerful Christmas spirit

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