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Kate Ferdinand's top hacks for a stress-free Christmas with your baby

The wife of Rio Ferdinand is super organised this festive season

kate ferdinand
Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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Anyone with a baby or toddler will know that getting organised for Christmas is quite a challenge – getting dressed and out is an achievement in itself, let alone buying and wrapping presents and planning a festive lunch.

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Actress and model Kate Ferdinand, who is married to former professional footballer Rio Ferdinand, spoke exclusively to HELLO! on this very topic and shared her top hacks for navigating Christmas with a baby.

Kate is mum to 11-month-old baby boy Cree, so being organised with a little one in the festive period is a subject close to her heart. The star is also step-mum to Rio's three children, Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and nine-year-old Tia.

Kate teamed up with Aptamil Follow On Milk Ready to Drink for their Hackvent campaign, to support busy parents across the UK with 24 tips and tricks for Christmas planning.

Did you know that 52 per cent of mums and dads admit to finding parenting more complicated during the festive season?

kate ferdinand xmas

Kate Ferdinand's all ready for Christmas

Kate told us: "I'm so excited to get involved in this because you know what it's like when you're a busy parent - you just run around like crazy all the time.

"One of my favourites hacks - and I do this all the time to be honest – is that I dread cooking a roast dinner. I really dread it. The peeling of the potatoes is just up there for me! So when your baby naps the day before, you just prep everything. Leave it in water and then you're ready to go. It's just less stress on the actual day."

The busy mum-of-four revealed: "There's another hack called 'prep to go' and it's folding the baby clothes. It's unbelievable – folding the baby clothes a certain way to fit more in your bag. I'm an over-packer. I like to take everything everywhere because I've got a fear of getting stuck on the motorway or something going wrong. So it just means you can fit more in your baby bag."

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kate bag

Kate's a big fan of time-saving hacks

What's Kate's advice for parents celebrating their baby's first Christmas?

"It can be really, really stressful," she says, "The little [campaign] hacks are really good - follow some of those so that you're nice and organised before the day because there is a lot for parents to do on Christmas day.

"I feel like you just need to try and enjoy all the small little moments if possible, so I would probably say organisation is key. In everyday life, there's always a lot planned. It's good to not have much planned on that day and just relax as much as possible."

kate rio ferdinand© Photo: Instagram

Kate with husband Rio Ferdinand

We ask what Kate and Rio's Christmas plans are this year…

"It's just super chilled this year I think. I think we'll just all do our matching pyjamas. We like that. It's one of our little Christmas traditions," she tells us. "We're doing it at home, having a few family members come over. We're always really, really busy so it's nice to just go with the flow on Christmas Day and just be quite relaxed." 

The family have another sweet Christmas tradition too. "We like to have a hot chocolate the Christmas Eve," Kate reveals.

kate ferdinand baby© Photo: Instagram

Kate with her and Rio's baby boy, Cree

Last year was baby Cree's first Christmas, which Kate explains wasn't easy-going at all following his birth, and she's looking forward to a 'proper Christmas' this year.

"It was all a very big blur last year because I had just come out of hospital. I was struggling, I was in quite a lot of pain, I couldn't really move," she reveals. "So it will be really different this year. I'm excited to have a proper Christmas at home. I like to sing around the house and be crazy. I drive the kids mad – I play the Christmas songs before school!

"I'm looking forward to just being a bit more active. I still don't think Cree will fully understand; I think he'll just be playing with the wrapping paper, but I'm just looking forward to seeing everyone all together."

Kate’s top hacks for busy parents to keep organised this festive season

Hack #1: Prep to go

Save yourself time - compact prep baby’s changing bag the night before, so it’s ready to grab and go as you head out.

Hack #2: On-the-go

like a pro Make a portable nappy changing station, keep everything you need in one place. You can buy nappy caddies or you can make a DIY version from a disposable bottle carrier.

Hack #3: Master the art of unpacking

When heading out, it can be easy to forget/misplace items you need to take along with you, as well as what you need to re-pack before heading out once again!

Hack #4: Operation Festive Feast

To save time, use baby’s nap times whilst at home to prep your Christmas dinner ahead of time and then freeze. Then you’ll simply need to remove the night before to defrost. Prep veggies and potatoes on Christmas Eve whilst baby naps, and soak in water overnight to keep them fresh.

Hack #5: Surprise Storytelling

Before you head out, prep in advance for those times where they may need settling on the go. Record yourself, or a family member, reading baby their favourite story and play it for them.

Aptamil’s Follow On Milk Ready to Drink HackVent is a guide to the best 24 festive life hacks for busy on-the-go parents. Read more:

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