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Kim Kardashian's daughter North West, 10, sparks debate as she leaks makeup-free selfies of mom

Kanye West's daughter is known for her playful and frank humor

North West wore her dad's 2016 Met Gala Balmain jacket to the Kardashian's Christmas Eve party
Faye James
Senior Editor
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Recently, North West, the 10-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, shared a series of new photos on social media, giving fans a glimpse into her life. 

On the TikTok page she shares with her mother Kim, 43, North posted a "photo dump" that included various snapshots of her with friends, showcasing different outfits from various events.

Among these photos were also a couple featuring her younger sister, Chicago, aged six. Notably, two of these images also included their famous Kardashian mother. 

These selfies, taken outdoors under a white overhang that provided shade, captured a candid moment between Kim and Chicago. 

North West leaks a series of unflattering images of her mom© Instagram
North West leaks a series of unflattering images of her mom

Interestingly, in these shots, the Skims founder was without any makeup, and North chose not to apply any filters to the photos, allowing her mother's natural look, complete with wrinkles and imperfections, to be seen unaltered.

North playfully captioned one of the photos with Kim, "Such a good picture," accompanied by several crying-laughing emojis, seemingly mocking her mother in a light-hearted manner.

Kim with her other daughter Chicago© Instagram
Kim with her other daughter Chicago

In addition to these, North’s video slideshow featured a screenshot of Kim on Facetime, where the Kardashians star was seen giving a huge pout and widening her eyes at the camera. 

The image, highlighting Kim's large lips and tilt of her head towards her phone, appeared to be unedited, showcasing her natural appearance without any makeup.

Fans speculated that North might have leaked these images from Kim's phone. Discussions ensued on Reddit, with comments focusing on Kim's appearance, such as "That filler mustache going strong" and "The lips look painful."

Kim's makeup free selfies© Instagram
Kim's makeup free selfies

This week, Kim faced criticism for allowing North to get diamond grills for her teeth, a fashion statement that sees North following in her father Kanye’s footsteps.

 North showcased her new tooth bling in a TikTok video, which raised concerns among some fans. "Man, I'm worried about that kid," one person commented, while another expressed concern about the potential impact of these decisions in the future:

north west teeth grill© TikTok
North West showed off her jewel-encrusted grill on TikTok

 "I'm genuinely concerned for how much damage this child is going to do to herself and those around her over the next ten years."

Coinciding with this, Kanye and his dental team announced his acquisition of a full set of titanium dentures. 

In North's video, she was seen wearing a tie-dye tee with a print from The Simpsons, but the focus was on her teeth, where two of her top teeth and six on the bottom were adorned with tiny diamonds.

north west teeth grill© TikTok
North West appears to be the latest family member to get a set of grillz

This decision by Kim to allow North such extravagant dental work sparked debate online, with fans criticizing the move. In an online thread, fans bashed Kim for allowing her daughter to get 'whatever she wants,' highlighting concerns about the implications of such freedom in a child's life.

The leak of the unedited photo of Kim by North also left fans in shock, showcasing a different side of the Kardashian lifestyle, one that is less curated and more candid.

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