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Josephine Skriver owes her flawless complexion to coconut oil

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Josephine Skriver eats a tablespoon of coconut oil daily to maintain her glowing complexion. The 24-year-old beauty and fellow Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell celebrated the brand's new fragrances, Bombshell Summer and Bombshell Paris, at a party in New York earlier this week, where they shared some of their beauty secrets.

The Victoria's Secret model revealed some of her beauty tips

The Victoria's Secret models revealed some of their beauty tips

Asked by Us Weekly's Stylish how they maintain such stunning complexions, Josephine shared, “I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning or I'll put it in my coffee if I can't take the taste. It really moisturises from within.” Stella, 26, meanwhile, explained she relies on sun cream, using either SPF 40 or 50 to protect her skin from UV damage. She often goes for aerosol options too, as she likes the subtle “sheen” they give.

The two models also discussed the way they look after their luscious locks, with Stella admitting she highlights her hair while Josephine relies on more natural means to brighten things up. “If I'm on a beach vacation, I'll put a little lemon in my hair. I'll dip my fingers in lemon juice and just run them through my hair, it gives you a really nice highlight,” she explained. “But you don't want to do that too much because it kind of burns your hair. Sometimes I'll just dip my head in the ocean. The salt water brightens your hair like nothing else.”

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And on the topic of perfume while promoting the release of Victoria's Secret's new products, the beauties opened up about how they apply fragrance. Again they have different approaches, as Stella favours a simple spray behind the ear while Josephine admitted to spraying scents all over as she feels “naked” without one.

“I even put fragrance on before bed. I just spray it all over,” she smiled. “And when I go away on a trip, I spritz my pillow so my boyfriend misses me. I'm just like, 'There you go, byeee!'"

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