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Constantly getting sweat patches? Well, there’s a patch for that

Halle Berry inspired this invention...

Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
3 July 2018
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Honestly, what will people think of next? Thanks to a well-timed email today, it has now come to our attention that you can buy patches for your underarms to help with excessive underarm sweating. Perfect for this heatwave, right?

Dandi's stick-on armpit patches - or ‘pantyliners for your pits’ as they’ve become known - even made it into the Oscars goody bag at the beginning of the year. As yet, we’re unsure if Gary Oldman or Allison Janney have been using them religiously.

dandi patch

The dandi patches, as daft as they look, might be a god-send for people who are self-conscious with underarm sweating. The idea came from two enterprising sisters Theresa Pope and Hayley Leete and they came up with the idea after seeing Halle Berry sweating on the Ellen Show.

Halle Berry Sweats It Out!

Halle Berry sweats it out on the Ellen Show back in 2010

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After searching the internet, reading through forums, they decided something needed to be done and they came up with the dandi patch.

The dandi patch is similar to a nicotine patch and sticks to your armpit and will sponge up any sweat and odour. You apply to clean, dry skin and you’re not to use deodorant or lotions because it will keep the patches from sticking. It works for up to eight hours and can be brought online in packs of 10 for £8.99 in both male and female sizes.

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