This is why the royals are ageing so well 

Ageing expert Stuart Miles tells all…

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It's a long-known fact that the royals look fantastic for their age - just look at the Queen, who, at 93 years old, is proudly the oldest monarch to have reigned in Britain, having done so since 1952. But what's her secret? Stuart Miles, the UK's leading ageing expert and founder of, has chatted exclusively to HELLO! about what really keeps the royals so young. In fact, it's something that can be achieved by anyone. The Queen's simple lifestyle keeps her looking great, and Prince Charles' youth elixir is due to taking downtime away from his role - while Duchess Kate uses rosehip oil to keep her skin glowing.

The secret to the Queen's youthfulness is her simple lifestyle, according to Stuart

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Stuart - who is also known for hosting Blue Peter back in the nineties - says the Queen stays looking youthful because of her dedication to her role. "The Queen's secret to looking good all comes down to her discipline to duty. She isn’t someone who obsesses about every detail of her face but yet her life is one of routine and moderation, which helps her deal with a hectic workload and the pressure of her role," he says. 

The Queen prefers to stay out of the sun and wear hats

"This means she doesn’t eat, drink or live life to excess despite her surroundings and this has kept her looking and acting like someone younger than her years. She is always very careful about her hair and it's always impeccably styled - and quite cleverly, she hasn’t changed her style for many years so that it remains a constant," he adds. "Her hair, and a tendency to wear bright warm colours, all add a vibrancy and energy to her look - and her makeup is soft and warm. She has also never lost her sense of humour and the ability to keep smiling. Her smile has always lit up her face and continues to do so."

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When asked what he thinks the secret to the Queen's impeccable skin is, Stuart explains that sun protection is key. "The Queen has incredible skin and this is mainly due to her lifelong avoidance of the sun's rays on her face. When abroad on foreign trips she has always worn a hat or carried a parasol which has protected her skin from the effects of the sun. She doesn’t partake in an annual sunshine holiday, preferring instead to spend her summers in Scotland. This has kept her skin as youthful as possible over the years."

Prince Charles' outdoor lifestyle allows him time away from his role

Prince Charles has maintained his youthful looks by taking time away from his role, according to Stuart. "Charles seems to be good at escaping from the stress of his role by walking and spending lots of time outdoors. By going back to nature and having a strong interest in horticulture and the land he has found a simple way to de-stress and find calm. This will hold him in good stead as he gets older."

Duchess Kate is thought to use rosehip oil on her skin

So what about Meghan and Kate's skin secrets? Both are meticulous with their skincare, according to Stuart. "Kate and Meghan have grown up in an era where girls were taught at an early age to look after their skin by taking regular facials and protecting it from the elements with SPF and make up. It shows - they both have beautiful complexions which are dewy and youthful. Kate has reportedly taken a leaf out of her mother's book and used rosehip oil, and Meghan often uses a primer rather than a foundation to give her a dewy look."

Meghan Markle's olive skin looks naturally youthful

Out of the fab four, Stuart predicts Meghan will age the most gracefully. "She has the most amazing skin which will age really well. It has natural oils and a natural olive tone which will provide protection but also keep her looking glowing. Kate has the English rose complexion but needs to be careful and protect her delicate skin as she ages."

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