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9 best pimple patches to help heal breakouts, fast

Pop on a pimple patch and say bye bye to breakouts

KYLIE Pimple Patches
Carla Challis
Commerce Partnerships Editor
Updated: 6 April 2023
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Pimple patches have become not just a skincare necessity, but a fashion accessory, thanks to some of the coolest pimple patch designs including stars, cartoon characters and silly slogan patches.

But back to being a skincare necessity; we all get breakouts, and we all want them to go, sharpish. Since the age-old trick of covering a spot with toothpaste is a nightmare for your pillow, pimple patches are a force to be reckoned with. And they don’t cost a fortune, either. Wearing your pimple patch with pride is definitely a thing of the moment, but what are pimple patches and how do they work?

What are pimple patches?

A pimple patch, known as a hydrocolloid patch or acne patch, are typically small round stickers packed with blemish-fighting ingredients.

Not only do they help to absorb the spot’s contents, but help it heal quickly too. The targeted approach means you can cover your blemish with a pimple patch, targeting your skincare right where you need it. Plus, the sticker stops you picking an annoying pimple too.

The stickers can often be left on overnight for a super intense spot-fighting moments or even covered with make-up if you’re out and about.

What makes a good pimple patch

Pimple patches come in all shapes, sizes and sorts too; depending on the stage of your pimple, you’ll want to pick the pimple patch that’s going to fight your spot woes.

Look for pimple patches with salicylic acid or niacinamide to lessen a spot that’s forming or already come to a head.

If your spot is on its way out but left a mark, there’s pimple patches containing ingrdients to heal any leftover redness or skin discolouration.

How long does it take for a pimple patch to work?

A pimple patch isn’t going to rid you of spots or acne forever, but some work fast – as soon as a few hours. They won’t necessarily rid you of a spot for good, but can reduce them dramatically and stop them getting any worse.

Scroll to shop the best pimple patches with stellar reviews.

  • Beauty Pie Emergency Pimple Patches

    Packed with breakout-tackling ingredients like salicylic acid and niacinamide, these emergency pimple patches are designed to hit the spot and act fast.

  • Starface Pimple Patches

    Starface Hydro-Stars

    These bestselling hydrocolloid pimple patches are so cute, you’ll give them pride of place in your bathroom cabinet. Wear your breakout with pride with one of these patches, clinically proven to help absorb fluid and reduce inflammation to shrink pimples overnight.

  • E.S.K Spotless MicroNeedle Patches

    These pimple patches have over 300 dissolving hyaluronic acid microneedles, tipped with salicylic acid, vitamin B3, tea tree oil and green tea to banish a spot and fade any pimple inflammation or scarring. Each pack contains eight patches.

  • Skin Choice Pimple Patch

    SkinChoice Classic Nose Pore Patch

    Designed specifically to target breakouts on the nose, these classic pore strips absorb oil, impurities and minimise the appearance of blackheads thanks to hydrocolloid technology. 

    Unlike traditional abrasive nose pore strips that may damage the skin, these work by absorbing blackheads and whiteheads from the pores. 

  • Revolution Star Spotting Blemish Stickers

    Turn your spots into stars with these handy (and hella cute) star pimple patches. Formulated with powerful salicylic acid to help draw out impurities, each pack contains 36 patches.

  • Kylie Cosmetics Clarifying Patches

    These clarifying patches save the day with their clearing, exfoliating, and soothing effects. They help to draw out impurities, dirt and excess oil while staying put for 8-10 hours.  

  • Peace Out Acne

    Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

    As well as pimple fighting salicylic acid, these pimple pitches are enriched with retinol to promote clear-looking skin.

  • Zitsticka


    This kit includes four spot patches and four cleansing wipes to help banish the appearances of those annoying breakouts we all suffer from. Each patch has tiny microdarts that dissolve and target the ingredients deep within the blemish area, to help it disappear for good.

  • COSRX Pimple Patch Set 90 count

    COSRX Pimple Patch Set

    Big in the K-beauty world, this pack of 90 pimple COSRX’s pimple patches are designed to work speedily, reducing breakout causing bacteria and minimising the appearance of blemishes. Can be worn under foundation too.


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