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You look in the mirror and realise you're overdue a hair cut. You reach for the nearest pair of scissors and before you know it, a 'quick trim' has turned into a disaster. 

TikTok is chock-full of encouraging DIY videos, but before you do something you regret and have to wait months to fix, read why this celebrity hairstylist advises putting the scissors down and relying on a professional to tell you what style will suit. 

Cutting your own hair might seem as easy as taking the kitchen scissors and chopping, but celebrity hairstylist, Andrew Barton has seen countless clients come to him in a panic after a botched trim.

Having styled the hair of celebrities known for their crowning glory including Jerry Hall and Eva Longoria and as resident hairstylist on television's 10 Years Younger, Andrew Barton knows how to make a haircut flattering and advocates for letting a professional choose your style. 

Andrew Barton cutting woman's hair© Instagram / @andrew_barton_hair
Andrew knows the power of a good haircut

Should you cut your own hair?

If you're considering cutting your own hair, there's a few things to think about first: "A trained hairdresser has spent years perfecting their technique," says Andrew. "A haircut is a system of angles, tension and elevation that are all mastered with experience and training and there's a good chance your snips won't turn out as you expected on your DIY job."

"A hairdresser uses a variety of techniques to cut hair and will use many on one head of hair to allow for variables like texture and density of hair around the head," says Andrew. Following a 'how to' video on TikTok doesn't allow for these differences or personal styling needs, but a good hairstylist will know what they're working with as soon as they feel your hair.


I hardly have any hair left! 😱 It’s a big change— what do you guys think?! Huge thank you to Andrew and @Bloomlifestyleglasgow for sorting out my at-home haircut. Andrew and the team had seen my viral video and he was determined to fix it 😂 She’s officially ready for summer and she’s never cutting her hair at home again 😂 #athomehaircut #haircut #fail #bradmondo #hairtok #transformation

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An expert in fixing DIY haircuts, Andrew's seen the damage that can be done: "The pair of scissors you use for clipping nails, cutting bacon and gift wrap (I've heard them all) won't be sharp enough. A hairdresser's shears, like the ones I use, are handmade in Japan with the same steel that Samurai swords are made from." These allow for precise, smooth and even cutting - imperative for a good haircut. 

Andrew Barton hairstylist cutting hair© Instagram / @andrew_barton_hair
Andrew teaches his expert technique to hairstylists

But, even more problems can occur when you reach the back of your head. "Your hair can end up lopsided and uneven with chunks missing and then there’s the hair you can't see at the back of your head," says Andrew. It's pretty impossible to measure the back of your hair for evenness even with a mirror and before you know it you've hacked off way more than you intended. 

When it comes to trimming your fringe, this is often the place people go wrong. A fringe is the most noticeable part of any hairstyle so getting this wrong is risky! Many can get too chop-happy but Andrew's advice still stands: "Most hairdressers offer a complimentary fringe trim service so you're able to pop into the salon between visits to keep your bangs bang on!" 

Can you trim your own hair?

Let's say you have long hair and only need a few split ends off, surely it's ok to give yourself a tiny trim? Not according to Andrew: "You might be good at applying lipstick in the mirror but using one to cut bits of your hair is confusing and results in too much snipping. One snip can lead to another trying to sort out the first snip."

If you're still not convinced, social media star and hairstylist Brad Mondo's shocking reaction videos might encourage you to reconsider reaching for the scissors. 

How to have a good haircut every time

One bad haircut can turn into months of waiting for it to grow out. If you've had bad experiences in the past, Andrew suggests doing some window shopping first: "Every good hairdresser offers a free consultation service, if you're unsure give yourself a little time in the lead up to your next salon visit and visit a few hairdressers for a free consultation to see whose advice you like and feel heard with and of course, feel relaxed and comfortable. Like most services word of mouth goes a long way."

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"A great appointment should always start with a diagnostic consultation. When I’m meeting a client for the first time, I ask how they would like their hair and then it's up to me to be honest and share my knowledge. It's the knowledge a hairdresser has that you don't get with a DIY cut." 

A few inspiration pictures is also a great idea as these help you communicate what you are looking for. "Photos help stylists to understand your vision and offer honest advice as to whether it’s a good idea or not, depending on your hair type," says Andrew. 

Listen to Andrew's new podcast Split Ends with Andrew and Olga to hear amusing stories from celebrity guests in the salon chair.