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Erewhon smoothie

I've said it once and I'll say it again, what's with all the It-girls creating Erewhon smoothies?

Is curating your own drink at the Balenciaga-approved organic eatery now a status symbol? Kendall Jenner, Sofia Richie and Hailey Bieber seem to think so...

Orion Scott
Fashion Features Writer
May 17, 2024
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Earlier this morning, as I was halfway through my usual in-bed Instagram scroll I was stopped in my tracks by a series of story posts from none other than fashion mogul and tequila brand founder Kendall Jenner

It’s not unusual that I'd stop for a swipe on one of Kenny’s weekly photo dumps, usually in the hope of seeing some Kardash-Jenner tea or a hard launch of a new beau. On this occasion, I was unfortunately left gossip-less, however my eyes were opened to the new world of social elitism and I can no longer hold it in. 

Somehow while our backs were turned the world’s most famed faces gathered together in secrecy, all agreeing to trade in their one-of-a-kind Birkin bags and limited edition Miu Miu pumps to create a smoothie. 

Albeit not just any smoothie, an Erewhon smoothie to be precise. No this isn’t a sick , a smoothie collaboration with LA’s overpriced yet overly chic supermarket chain is the new elitist, unobtainable status symbol and the It-girlies can’t get enough.

Kendall Jenner poses with her Erewhon smoothie © Instagram / @erewhon
Kenny holding the worlds most coveted new accessory

 Yesterday morning Kendall proved she’s part of the cool-girl club, sharing the news that she’s curated her very own Peaches and Cream flavoured smoothie. 

Sofia Richie poses with her Erewhon smoothie© Instagram / @erewhon
Sofia is of course in the cool-girl club

Kenny J is the newest member of the socialite smoothie club (that's what I’m calling them from now on) joining the likes of Sofia Richie Grainge, who partnered with the brand earlier this year to create a £16.60 ($21) Sweet Cherry Smoothie, her older sis Kourt, who made a detox option in collaboration with her wellness brand Poosh called the ‘Poosh Detox Smoothie’, Olivia Rodrigo who promoted her album Guts with a comical healthy blend titled "Good 4 ur GUTS” and Bella Hadid who blended her Kin Organics drink together to make something called a Kinsicle.


my @Erewhon Market smoothie is now available as soft serve…🍦🍓 @Cosmic Bliss

♬ Yummy - Mixed - Justin Bieber

Then, just when we thought we were safe, the world's most popular It-girl and Kendall's best friend Hailey Bieber created a smoothie so popular Erewhon was pressured by fans to keep it on the menu. With more than 40,000 sold each month, the Strawberry Glaze Skin Smoothie was a genius marketing ploy by Hails to promote her namesake skincare and beauty brand, Rhode and now even comes in a soft-serve version. 

Our own editor, Natalie Salmon, ventured to Erewhon in West Hollywood last week just to get her hands on it during her annual leave. "Ever since Balenciaga decided to turn a grocery store into a runway, I just had to make a pilgrimage for the famous Hailey smoothie. So, during my holiday I waltzed into Erewhon, all ready to sip on some celebrity-endorsed deliciousness, only to be met with a queue longer than the one I faced at passport control. I kid you not, the queue for an Erewhon smoothie was a whopping 35 minutes," she told me.

Bella Hadid poses with her Erewhon smoothie© Instagram / @erewhon
Bella's recipe was packed with Vitamin C

"As I stood there, I had plenty of time to ponder the meaning of life and wonder if Hailey Bieber herself had blessed each smoothie with her presence. I finally threw in the towel after 10 minutes. Desperation kicked in, and I made a beeline for the pre-made smoothie fridge. My prize? A peanut-butter banana smoothie. Not Hailey-approved, but it was practically glowing with organic goodness. As I handed over nearly twenty dollars for it, I was still questioning my life choices."

 So how did it taste? "Do you know what? It was insanely good," explains Natalie. "Like, mind-blowingly, out-of-this-world, how-did-they-make-bananas-taste-this-divine good. I sipped on my overpriced elixir, wondering if maybe, just maybe, the real magic of Erewhon was making you doubt your sanity just enough to appreciate the pure bliss of a really good smoothie."

Our editor's Erewhon 'Activated Smoothie' cost a whopping $19.00© @nataliesalmon/Instagram
Our editor's Erewhon 'Activated Smoothie' cost a whopping $19.00

And there you have it folks, we now live in a world where a bank-breaking smoothie collaboration puts you at the top of the socialite podium and although I really, truly desperately want to be horrified, I kind of love it…

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