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In a delightful display of familial fashion synergy, Nicola Peltz and Harper Beckham have taken to TikTok to showcase their latest style collaboration—twinning in pastel pink. 

The video, shared by Nicola, captures the essence of their bond and their shared affinity for fashion. The slinky silhouette of their outfits and the choice of pink — a hue that's both tender and subversively bold —speaks volumes of their joint confidence and willingness to don similar styles. 

“Ever since Nicola has been welcomed into the Beckham fold, it's been lovely to see how close she has become to the youngest of the clan, her sister-in-law Harper,” explains Hello!’s Deputy Online Editor Sharnaz Shahid, “It's safe to say these two are very tight, with Nicola often posting gushy social media posts with her ‘baby sis.’”

Nicola, known for her sharp sense of style, pairs her skirt with a black crop top, allowing the pink fabric to be the focal point. Her makeup is kept fresh and dewy, complementing the softness of the fabric and colour. Harper, following in the sartorial footsteps of her mother, Victoria Beckham, brings a playful edge to her ensemble with fun, age-appropriate accessories that resonate with her emerging fashion persona. “Over the years, the twosome have twinned on various occasions and have even rocked matching butterfly tattoos - although these were temporary ones,” says Sharnaz, “Having grown up with four older brothers, it seems Harper is finally chuffed to have a big sister.”

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The video isn't just a glimpse into their style; it's a moment that captures the zeitgeist of 2023's fashion landscape. Pink, once pigeonholed as the epitome of archaic femininity, is now being redefined as a colour of power and versatility. Maybe we have the popularity of Margot Robbie’s Barbie to thank, as the colour is no longer just sweet and saccharine —it's sophisticated, edgy, and unapologetically present. 

“This was the Year of the Girl… in 2023, the market conspired to sell us one thing, rendered every which way, and that thing was: girl. Online, she was ubiquitous, gender neutral, performing campy femininity, and going on hot walks and having non-nutritional dinners,” explains The Cut, “In fashion, she had bows in her hair, on her mary janes, and everywhere else; she was Miu Miu for the luxury shopper and Simone Rocha and Sandy Liang for the downtown set. And as the critics heralded the return of monoculture — budget-busting, inescapable mass spectacle in the forms of Taylor Swift and Barbie — there she was on the front lines, blonde and newly empowered but still, definitely, always girl.”

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Nicola Peltz wearing a pink gown at the Academy Museum Gala© Getty
Nicola looked elegant in pink at the Academy Museum Gala

Nicola and Harper, through their choice of attire, are not just wearing pink; they're wearing their personalities, and their individuality, all wrapped up in the soft embrace of those slinky outfits.