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As we continue to venture into the gloomy season we, unfortunately, can’t help but feel those winter blues on the horizon. 

As someone whose favourite part of the day consists of picking an outfit and getting dressed, I’m finding it harder and harder to look past my slouchy track pants and hoodie combo for those cold London days. I’m not saying that there's anything wrong with a comfy sweats ‘fit, but from personal experience when I take the time and effort to get dressed in an outfit that makes me feel cute, my mood is instantly raised tenfold.

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Hello! Fashions Fashion Features Writer Orion wears pink pants and green shoes for a day out in London© Instagram / @orion_scott
I told you I was into colour

It kind of goes without saying, but how you style your clothes (whether it’s consciously or subconsciously) reflects who you are as a person and expresses your individuality. Maybe you’re a colour lover who feels bright colours brighten their mood or perhaps you’re a neutral stan who loves subtle colour palettes to calm their busy life. Whatever the gravitational pull might be, there’s a reason why your wardrobe influences your mood. 

When you think about it, dressing for your mood is a subconscious reaction that we often don’t think twice about. When you’re sick all you feel like wearing is your favourite pyjamas and when the reservation for that fancy dinner you booked months ago comes around you want to go all out in your best glad rags.

Influencer Celeste Evans poses in a full green outfit © Instagram / @celmatique
Influencer Celeste Evans is a self-proclaimed "colour expert"

In an interview conducted by Fashion Journal Fashion Psychologist Michelle Pal explains that the link between dopamine dressing and our mood is most definitely connected. Michelle says in the interview “Our self-care or little habits, like dressing up or putting on makeup, tend to be one of the first things to drop off when feeling stressed or depressed.” continuing on to say “Different colours can have different effects on the brain. For example, red tends to be the most stimulating colour and has been found to improve performance on detail-oriented tasks.” 

It also seems the statement “dress for the job you want” has some truth to it, as Michelle also explained that “Studies show that when given a doctor’s lab coat to wear, people will perform better on attention-related tasks; people who wear suits tend to feel more powerful and be better negotiators; and when someone wears athletic wear they are more likely to exercise.” 

Influencer Maxine Wylde shows of her pink and purple outfit proving colour coordination is very on trend© Instagram / @__mmaxinewylde
Maxine Wylde is the queen of dopamine dressing

So whether you’re looking to fight the winter blues or take control of your life, your first step might be easier and more obtainable than you thought. Try looking behind those wardrobe doors…