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10 Designer Christmas baubles for the chicest tree ever

Elevate your holiday traditions and create a tree that exudes opulence with the likes of Prada, Celine and Saint Laurent...

Designer Christmas Ornaments and Baubles for the chicest tree ever
Natalie Salmon
Fashion Digital Editor
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Celebrate the festive season in unparalleled style with our curated collection of chic designer brand ornaments, perfect for elevating your Christmas tree to new heights of sophistication. 

From the iconic luxury of Prada to the timeless elegance of Saint Laurent and the whimsical charm of Bella Freud, adorn your tree with ornaments that seamlessly blend fashion and festivity. Unveil the artistry of renowned designers as you discover exquisite baubles that transcend traditional holiday decor. 

Elevate your holiday traditions and create a tree that exudes opulence, capturing the spirit of the season with these exquisite Designer Christmas Ornaments and Baubles.

It's time to chic-ify your Christmas© Hulton Archive
It's time to chic-ify your Christmas

Why You Can Rely on My Recommendations for Designer Christmas Baubles:

Drawing on my extensive passion for exquisite holiday decorations and my seasoned experience as a fashion editor, my insights stem from a profound comprehension of style trends and the significance of selecting baubles that align with unique preferences. Trust in my expertise to guide you towards the most captivating and stylish designer Christmas baubles, ensuring your holiday decor reflects the epitome of festive elegance.

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How I Selected the Finest Designer Christmas Baubles: 

Elegance: Paramount in our quest for the perfect holiday adornments is the unparalleled sophistication these designer baubles bring to your Christmas tree. Every selection in this compilation is a testament to our personal admiration, sourced exclusively from revered brands in Hello! Fashion's trusted repertoire.

Design: Opt for nothing less than designer Christmas baubles that seamlessly blend opulence with festive charm. The diversity of choices ensures a stylish and curated aesthetic for your holiday décor.

Investment: Whether you're budget-conscious or seeking premium indulgence, our list caters to all, featuring affordable options alongside luxurious investments to enhance your festive celebration.

Designer Christmas Ornaments and Baubles for the Chicest Tree Ever:

  1. 1/10

    Cassandre Bauble - Saint Laurent

    Cassandre Bauble

    Saint Laurent

    Who will love it: This bauble would be an excellent gift for someone who appreciates high-end fashion and luxury lifestyle. Its exclusivity as an SLRD (Saint Laurent Rive Droite) item makes it a unique and coveted present. The construction ensures durability while maintaining a sleek and polished appearance. Ideal for individuals with a keen eye for design and a taste for the finer things.

    The Cassandre Bauble by Saint Laurent exudes a sense of chic sophistication through its design and exclusive features. This decorative ornament, measuring 9 cm in dimensions, is a stylish addition to any Christmas decor. The inclusion of the iconic YSL logo adds a touch of luxury and fashion-forward elegance.

  2. 2/10

    Ceramic Bauble Set - Bella Freud

    Ceramic Bauble Set

    Bella Freud

    Who will love it: It's perfect for the individual with a sense of humour, and values the not-so-classic christmas style. Packaged in a deluxe gift box with tissue, this set is also thoughtfully presented making it an ideal present. 

    The inclusion of a velvet ribbon adds a touch of luxury, enhancing the overall sophistication of this Ceramic Baubles set. The Fairytale of New York inscription on one of the baubles adds a whimsical and nostalgic charm, referencing the classic The Pogue’s Christmas song and infusing a sense of fun festive spirit.

  3. 3/10

    Christmas Polo Bear Ornament Gift Set  - Ralph Lauren

    Christmas Polo Bear Ornament Gift Set

    Ralph Lauren

    Who will love it: This set is undeniably chic and would make an excellent gift for quiet luxury lovers and preppy individuals who appreciate timeless elegance and attention to detail. The combination of iconic RL imagery and quality craftsmanship makes it a delightful choice for those who value a blend of tradition and style during the holiday season.

    Embrace the holiday spirit with this incredibly cool embroidered ornament set, showcasing the iconic Polo Bear donning four distinct signature looks. The attention to detail is remarkable, with an embroidered front capturing the charm of the Polo Bear's ensembles, while the solid canvas reverse features subtle "POLO 23" embroidery for an extra touch of sophistication. 

  4. 4/10

    Glass Christmas ornament set - Prada

    Glass Christmas Ornament Set


    Who will love it: For those who cringe at the thought of tinsel, these Prada glass baubles provide the ideal alternative, offering a minimalist yet impactful approach to holiday adornment. These ornaments are especially perfect for the high-fashion enthusiasts, adding a touch of runway sophistication to their holiday decorations. 

    I'm absolutely captivated by the sheer coolness of the Christmas ornament set from Prada. These baubles redefine holiday sophistication with the iconic triangle logo embedded in their design. What sets these Prada ornaments apart is their departure from the kitschy holiday decor norm. These are not your average baubles; they exude a sleek and refined elegance that complements the taste of modern interior lovers.

  5. 5/10

    Full Dose Ornament Set  - Jonathan Adler

    Full Dose Ornament Set

    Jonathan Adler

    Who will love it: These baubles are tailor-made for the party animals, the ones who revel in bold and unconventional statements. The play on the pill imagery and the vibrant colours make it an absolute hit for those who appreciate a dose of humour and a splash of colour in their holiday decor. Perhaps not be the ideal choice for the in-laws or grandparents. Its edgy, contemporary design is better suited for those who embrace the avant-garde and enjoy pushing the boundaries of traditional holiday decor.

    Not for the faint of heart, this ornament set is a burst of festive colour and irreverent charm that's impossible to ignore.The packaging is equally “popping” making it not just an ornament but a delightful gift in itself.  Its edgy, contemporary design pushes the boundaries of traditional holiday decor.  Crafted from high-fired glossy glazed porcelain, each capsule in this set is a whimsical celebration of merriment. 

  6. 6/10

    Rosendale Baubles - Soho Home

    Rosendale Baubles

    Soho Home

    Who will love it:  These baubles are perfect for the minimalists who seek simplicity without compromising on style. The clean lines, muted colour options, and the absence of unnecessary embellishments make them an ideal choice for those who appreciate a more understated and refined holiday decor.

    The Rosendale baubles are perfect for adorning your Christmas tree in style. Inspired by the glassware found at Dumbo House in Brooklyn and Soho House Amsterdam, these baubles are a testament to the Meghan Markle’s favourite private members club’s sophistication.

  7. 7/10

    Porcelain Tree Decorations - Cartier

    Porcelain Tree Decorations


    Who will love it: These Cartier decorations aren't just for anyone; they are for those who appreciate the epitome of style and sophistication. If your style icons are Blair Waldorf or Kate Middleton, these baubles are tailor-made for you. They are a nod to timeless elegance and a symbol of refined taste, making them the perfect addition to the holiday decor of someone who values luxury.

    These aren't just baubles; they are exquisite pieces of art that elevate Christmas decor to a whole new level. Crafted in France from delicate Limoges porcelain, each decoration is a testament to Cartier's unwavering commitment to luxury. The inclusion of Cartier's elegant cursive script on the reverse adds a discreet yet distinctive touch, showcasing the brand's attention to detail. The fine grosgrain ribbon adds a luxurious finishing touch, making them ready to grace the boughs of the most refined Christmas trees.

  8. 8/10

    Nutcracker Christmas Decoration - Aspinal
    Nutcracker Christmas Decoration - Aspinal

    Nutcracker Christmas Decoration

    Aspinal of London

    Who will love it: This Nutcracker Decoration is perfect for children and the Christmas enthusiasts in your life—those who start decorating way ahead of time and truly revel in the spirit of the season. It's a heartwarming symbol of tradition and joy. What makes this decoration truly special is its ability to resonate with both adults and children. Each year, placing it on the tree becomes a cherished tradition, creating a beautiful reminder of the joy and magic of the holiday season.

    Hand-cast and finished in colourful enamel with gleaming gold-plated accents, this traditional nutcracker soldier is a true work of art. The Aspinal branded ribbon adds a touch of elegance, and when hung on the Christmas tree, it's ready to proudly catch the sparkle of fairy lights. It's a delightful symbol of the warmth and togetherness of Christmastime, designed to be handed down through generations. 

  9. 9/10

    Holiday Cheers Gingerbread Man Ornament - Swarovski

    Holiday Cheers Gingerbread Man Ornament


    Who will love it: This jolly gingerbread man ornament is cool, chic, and the perfect gift for those who appreciate a touch of luxury with a playful twist. This ornament is an ideal gift for teenagers, its sparkling design and cheerful aesthetics make it a perfect addition to the seasonal curation of the holiday season.

    Packed with 195 facets of gold-toned crystal and adorned with delightful white print detailing, as well as green, red, black, and clear crystal accents, this ornament is a true showstopper. The charming character of this gingerbread man, complete with a red grosgrain rayon ribbon for hanging, adds a whimsical touch to your holiday decor. 

  10. 10/10

    Ornament Set - Celine

    Ornament Set


    Who will love it: This set is a must-have for the fashionistas who appreciate the artistry behind iconic brands, it’s for the individuals who used to rip out pages of fashion magazines to hang up as posters at home. This ornament set is a chic evolution of that passion, a refined and elegant way to showcase a love for fashion.

    This set is a miniature marvel, featuring iconic symbols like the 'Triomphe' logo, the 16 bag, and a Celine perfume bottle. It's not just seasonal decor; it's a fashion statement for your Christmas tree. Each ornament is a tiny masterpiece, capturing the essence of Celine's iconic designs.

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