Jamie Oliver reveals never-before-seen part of beautiful home

The famous chef lives in Essex

Aisha Nozari

On Saturday, Jamie Oliver took some time out of his day to thank the fans that have bought his new cookbook, 7 Ways.

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Speaking from his garden, Jamie dedicated a sweet message to his followers, but we were transfixed by the background of the doting dad's clip, which shared a glimpse into a never-before-seen part of the star's sprawling Essex home.

Filming in his large garden, behind Jamie his home's stylish muntin windows could be seen, as could a luscious green lawn and the Olivers' sweet pink Flower Power truck.

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But as Jamie panned the camera slightly, he revealed a whole other property!

Presumably an outhouse, behind Jamie another white building could be seen, meaning that he and his wife Jools' residence is bigger than we could have ever imagined!

The happy couple are known to have a converted stable block on their property, which could be the building seen. 

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Jamie's home could be seen in the background 

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The famous chef could be heard saying to the camera: "Hi guys! Happy Saturday. Just wanted to do a massive thank you because the book has gone to number one on Amazon, and that's an amazing start. Thank you so, so much.

"Just super grateful to everyone who pre-ordered it [and] supported me.

"I really tried to write a book that is really useful, especially for now, you know with quick, easy, delicious, nutritious meals."

Jamie and Jools live in a stunning £6million mansion with their five children, having moved out of their Hampstead Heath home in 2019.

The family now calls the village of Finchingfield – dubbed one of the most picturesque in England – home, after moving to Spains Hall, a jaw-dropping 16th-century mansion.

It is located on a 70-acre estate and includes a six-bedroom farmhouse, three-bedroom lodge and converted stables.

Both Jamie and Jools have given a look at different areas of the property, and it's every bit as luxurious as you'd expect. 

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