Vogue Williams' incredible fridge is straight from the future

The star shared a video on Instagram

Aisha Nozari

Vogue Williams' fridge must have been sent to her from the future!

The famous mum took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal that her new LG appliance had arrived, and not only did it look amazing, but it also boasts some seriously impressive technology…

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The stainless steel, double-doored fridge could be seen on Vogue's Instagram Stories.

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In the clip, the mother-of-two approached the appliance and knocked on it twice, lighting the entire thing up!

"We got a new fridge. Wait for this… [knocks on the fridge door twice] How unreal is that?" she said on her social media page.

It might just be the most amazing fridge we've ever seen! 

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Vogue's fridge lit up 

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Vogue, her husband Spencer Matthews and their two young children Gigi and Theo share a beautiful home in London, with the famous parents occasionally sharing glimpses inside their residence. 

They bought their house in 2017, and it features a spacious open-plan living area, large terrace and even an adorable tropical-themed nursery.


The fridge before Vogue knocked on it 

Aside from the futuristic fridge, the kitchen also has a modern monochrome aesthetic with white cabinets and black worktops and splashbacks.

In their living room, the couple own a large grey corner-sofa sure to fit the whole family, which is accessorised with contrasting light coloured pillows. 

However, the real showstopper in the couple's living area is most definitely the large diamante-encrusted mirror that takes centre stage. 

To match the shine of their mirror centrepiece there is also a large collection of photographs in matching mirrored frames which, from what we can see, are all photos of their nearest and dearest - and these frames are also resting on a glistening mirrored side table.

Talk about coordination! 

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