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Exclusive: Eva Longoria's Marbella mega-mansion with husband José Bastón and son Santiago has its own cinema - photos

The 'Desperate Housewives' star's sun-soaked home is a far cry from Wisteria Lane

Eva Longoria at home in black dress
6 January 2024
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Eva Longoria Bastón first found fame almost 20 years ago in US comedy-drama Desperate Housewives, playing Gabrielle Solis, a wealthy Latina living on exclusive Wisteria Lane. It was a trailblazing role that pushed back on stereotypes, and Eva’s life since has lived up to it. 

Born in Texas to Mexican-American parents, she made her way to Hollywood with just two dollars in her pocket, so when stardom arrived, she didn’t let it turn her head. Instead, the award-winning actress has turned her celebrity into a platform to do good and help the Latino community. 

Eva Longoria in plunging black tulle dress eating popcorn in Marbella home cinema© HELLO!

Eva's second home is sensational

Black dress by Carla Ruiz

Eva, 48, has also taken the time to step behind the camera, learning how to produce and direct. And away from the set, she is enjoying family life with her husband, Mexican businessman Pepe Bastón, and their five-year-old son Santi. 

But Eva has another great love: Spain, where her family’s roots lie. She’s spent many summers on the Costa del Sol, where, as honorary president of the Global Gift Foundation, she helps host its famously glitzy fundraisers. 

Eva Longoria and Jose Baston Marbella home entrance featuring Casa Del Sol sign© HELLO!

Quite the escape

And now she’s found her dream home there. “I’ve been looking for a place in Marbella for the past five years,” she reveals as she shows us around the stunning villa, which was renovated by her friend, architect and interior designer Nicolás Escanez. 

With a busy life otherwise split between Mexico and Los Angeles, the star visits the villa to relax with family and friends. She says: “I don’t have a schedule here. My days are full of activities – padel tennis, the beach, lunch, drinks, socialising… in fact, they’re full to the brim, but with things I really enjoy.” 

How did you find this house, Eva?

"The first time I came to Marbella, two decades ago, it was love at first sight. I said to myself: ‘Some day I’ll live here'. Later, we set up the Global Gift Foundation, and this is where [actor] Antonio Banderas, my best friend [actress and philanthropist] María Bravo and I held the first gala. Since then, Global Gift has grown and grown, and it now includes Casa Angeles, our day centre in Marbella for children with special needs.

“Five years ago, I said to Nico, who’s very clued-up about property: ‘When you see the right place, let me know.’ I viewed a few places, but nothing was quite what I wanted.“Finally, in early 2023, this house came on the market. It needed refurbishing, but it had just the size and location I was after. So, taking advantage of the fact that I was in Barcelona filming, I came down and bought it that same day.”

Eva Longoria and son Santiago leaning against white doorway of Marbella home© HELLO!

Eva's stunning home

Dress by Zimmermann

Did you work on the decor?

“You know what? I didn’t lift a finger. Nico has incredible taste and knows me very well. I didn’t choose a single thing. He showed me the mood board and said: ‘The feeling will be of spaciousness and comfort, and the palette will be gentle shades like beige, cream and white.

“We actually didn’t speak for four months. He didn’t want to show me until it was finished, so it would be a wonderful surprise. I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything, that it would be the house of my dreams, and it is.”  

Eva Longoria and Jose Baston stunning living room with long white couch coffee table and television© HELLO!

A cosy living room with incredible views

What are the features that were essential for you?

“Lots of bedrooms, because it’s a holiday home and my mother, my sisters and their kids all come. I wanted a garden for my son to play in, and a swimming pool because he’s always swimming.

“And, of course, a big kitchen. In all my homes, I have a kitchen with a huge island, where everyone can sit together and have a glass of wine and nibbles while I cook. I love the kitchen – it’s always the heart of the house. And the one here is the best of all.”

Eva Longoria in pink mini dress posing with husband Jose Baston in Marbella home© HELLO!

Eva's living room is a masterpiece

Pink mini dress by GCDS by Wonderland Luxe Puerto Banus

Any other favourite spots?

“My dressing room! It’s amazing, with loads of space. I thought: ‘I won’t need many outfits; I’ll just be wearing swimming costumes and kaftans.’ But Marbella has masses of social life – they’re always opening something or other. So I’ve ended up with all my clothes here.”

Have you been able to enjoy the villa with your friends and family?

“Yes; this first summer, everybody came. It wasn’t completely finished – for example, the sofa cushions weren’t ready and we didn’t have sun loungers – but apart from small details like that, everything was perfect.”  

Eva Longoria living room with white beanbags and couches and giant TV © HELLO!

A space to relax in

Would you say this is your oasis?

“Absolutely. It’s my oasis, my paradise. When I’m not here, I work non-stop.”

Eva Longoria posing in modern Marbella home kitchen © HELLO!

Eva's kitchen

What’s it really like to be a Hollywood star?

“In Los Angeles, I’m always super busy – it’s not really so glamorous. I’m either on set, or in a meeting, or stuck in traffic... there’s so much traffic. Both LA and Marbella are close to the sea and have wonderful weather year-round, but apart from that, they couldn’t be more different.”  

Eva Longoria living room with Hermes blanket and white couches © HELLO!

Eva's home cinema

Home Cinema by See & Touch

Can you tell us something about your daily routine?

“I have two modes: ‘on’ when I’m working and ‘off’ when I’m not. If I’m working, my days can be very intense, with shoots at any time of the day or night, so every day is different.“The only constants are that when I get up, I do some exercise, and in the evening, I have dinner with my son and put him to bed.”

Eva Longoria in cream plunging dress with tulle skirt gazing lovingly at son Santiago© HELLO!

Eva with little Santi

What has motherhood taught you?

“Patience. Seriously, Santi is the love of my life – I didn’t know this kind of love could exist. Before he arrived, I was the centre of my universe. Now, making decisions is a lot easier, because he’s my priority. Becoming a mother is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, the best role I’ve ever played.”  

Eva Longoria wearing black ruffled dress holding glass of champagne posing in Marbella home dressing room© HELLO!

Eva is a Hollywood star

Dress by Carla Ruiz

What about marriage? Is Pepe still your ideal man?

“Of course. My husband is an angel. You have to be one to be with me. He’s incredible: strong, independent and intelligent. We were both complete in ourselves, and we came together to share our joy and help each other’s dreams come true.”

Eva Longoria private Marbella home bedroom with husband Jose Baston© HELLO!

Eva's bedroom

What do you think is the key to a successful marriage?

“I think you need to know yourself, so you can fall in love with the other person without losing yourself.”  

Eva Longoria's dining table at Marbella home with glass decorations and shells © HELLO!

Eva's dining room

Tell us more about your romance with Pepe…

“We’ve been together for ten years. We met through a mutual friend who’d been trying for ages to get us to go on a date. It was very romantic, and it still is. As Mexicans, we’re both romantic, but him more so than me. I try to do romantic things, but he always wins at that game.”

Eva Longoria posing in doorway of Marbella home cuddling son Santiago© HELLO!

Motherhood is Eva's favourite role

How would you describe yourself?

“Energetic, ambitious, affectionate, compassionate. I try to live according to what the poet Maya Angelou said: ‘People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’ So my goal is to make others feel great, to encourage and inspire them.”  

Eva Longoria in floaty white lace dress strutting next to swimming pool at Marbella home© HELLO!

Eva relaxes by the pool

Dress by Zimmerman

Who has inspired you?

“My family. They’re very altruistic. My older sister has special needs and my mother brought us up with the idea that we have to do good, to help people. I’ve always known I wanted to contribute to society. Becoming famous just gave me a platform.”

Eva Longoria reveals minimalist hallway at Marbella home© HELLO!

Eva's home is serene

What plans do you have now for the Global Gift and Eva Longoria Foundations?

“With Global Gift, we’ll continue to expand Casa Angeles. There are a lot more children who want to come to our summer camp, so we need to extend our services and the therapies we offer. At the Eva Longoria Foundation, we’ll continue to focus on ways to support Latina women, such as with educational or entrepreneurial programmes.”

Eva Longoria wearing white flared trousers and plunging tops© HELLO!

Eva's home is a minimalist dream

La Tierra de las Mujeres (Land of Women), in Spain…

“Yes, and with awards season starting soon, I’m busy promoting Flamin’ Hot, my first film as director. This year has been fantastic – super successful.” 

Eva Longoria bedroom for son Santiago with bunkbed wall art and teddy bear© HELLO!

Santi's sweet bedroom

What challenges did you have to overcome to make your movie?

“The biggest challenge in making any film is getting backing for it. No one has ever made a movie like this about Latinos, so it was important to me. It’s based on the story of Richard Montañez, a Mexican caretaker who became one of PepsiCo’s top executives, thanks, he says, to inventing Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a billion-dollar brand.“Richard had very little education but he knew that his culture was a superpower.” 

Eva Longoria showcasing private swimming pool at Marbella home© HELLO!

Eva's pool

As a Latina in Hollywood, who are your role models? And do you try to be one yourself?

“I have many role models; throughout my life, people have taught me what to do and how to do it. As for being one myself, Desperate Housewives made me a star worldwide and with that came a lot of influence. That’s why I’ll always be grateful for that opportunity.”  

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