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Your daily horoscope Wednesday May 31, 2023

Your daily horoscope Wednesday May 31, 2023

We've been talking about seeing through illusions and recognising reality. As the planet of creativity, Venus, approaches a liaison with mysterious Neptune, it brings a reminder of the comfort fantasies can provide. And, as Mercury prepares to meet Uranus, genuine eureka moments are possible. Active imaginations are valuable assets; especially when they're focused on practical ways of helping other people. If we focus on making pragmatic changes in the here and now, we can create a rosier future.

When is the best time to reach for what you want? When's the worst time? When will the tide of fortune next change for you? How can you know when best to push your luck... or when to rein yourself back in? Give me your full personal birth details and I'll give you the answers in 'Your Guide to The Future 2023'. It contains page after page of valuable personal astrological advice. Download Yours Now!


Although you feel as if you're back in a familiar situation, something is different. Yes... it looks similar. But a key factor has changed. You've got knowledge you didn't previously possess. And it enables you to open a locked door. How significant is this? It will make all the difference in the world. The changes that you're beginning to implement might be subtle, but they have the potential to improve the quality of your life (for the rest of your life). Just keep in mind that this time, the outcome can be pleasingly different.


'What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger'. I sometimes take issue with these words written by the philosopher Nietzsche (and wonderfully paraphrased by Kanye). When we feel as if we're dealing with a constant torrent of challenges, who wants to get stronger? I don't know about you but I just want some time out! Yes, tricky experiences toughen us up. But there's only so much experience we can take. As your ruler moves towards a link with Neptune, a cloud that has been hanging over you will be dissipated by a bright ray of hope.


Let's have a private convo about your unfulfilled wishes. I won't share it with anyone. No one else needs to know. It's just that I'm slightly concerned that you're expecting too much of yourself. Which doesn't mean you won't succeed. There's every chance you will. There's every suggestion you're going to do well. But at what cost? And how disappointed will you be each time you start to feel as if old habits are getting the better of you? Time is on your side. You can afford to take the pressure off. Go at a healthy pace that suits you.


It's obvious, but still worth saying, that it's better to be motivated by inspiration than fear. Yet if you take a good look at the situation you're dealing with (whether it's caused by a concern or it's driven by hopefulness) there only seems to be one option to take. Even though you can't be sure whether it will make things better or worse, you can see that you need to pursue a specific course of action. The real problem is that you're not sure that you believe what you think you see. Should you believe it? Yes! You won't regret it.


With dynamic Mars in your sign, some of my colleagues would issue words of caution. 'Take care', they'd say. 'Don't rush'. 'Be wary of getting into situations that lead to conflict'. Yet the presence of the power planet blesses you with the strength, energy and passion to make your dreams a reality. So, put any warnings to the back of your mind. And, if you feel passionately about something, don't be afraid to follow your heart and trust the energy that's inspiring you. Be aware of the consequences of your actions. But go for it.


They say 'there's no place like home'... but are they right? How do they know? They've never been round to my house! Have they visited yours? When we're all unique, and leading such varied lives, in so many different homes... is having a sense of belonging vital to us all? Yes! The need to feel secure is as essential as the need to eat and sleep. Which means that the satisfaction gained by assuaging these requirements is immense. As your ruler, Mercury, links with Uranus, it brings an idea that leads to a sense of great fulfilment.


The important discoveries you're making are encouraging you to learn valuable lessons. You're also improving the quality of communication between you and someone significant who's helping you along the path towards a more fulfilling future. Even though you might not see eye to eye with this person, your differences are stimulating: they inspire you to imagine different ways to get where you want to go. As your ruler, Venus, prepares to link with Neptune, your imagination is more powerful than ever. Keep talking!


We spend our lives juggling tasks and balancing priorities. We're so used to multi-tasking that we forget how much skill it takes and how talented we are. Feeling completely lost and confused is relatively unusual. So, how should you react if you end up scratching your head over a particularly complicated conundrum today? Just go step by step. What needs to be sorted first? What's most important? If you can reduce everything back to these simple tenets, you'll find that a knot of complexity can easily be unravelled.


Just because you're feeling out of sorts doesn't mean your outlook isn't positive. You're being encouraged to look at, and deal with a fragile spot in your character. It's easy for you to succumb to the wrong kinds of temptations. You can talk yourself out of things that are good for you. And you can be persuaded to go where you don't want to go. You recognise this aspect of yourself, and are bored of it. You want to live life differently... and you can. The restlessness you're experiencing needs to be acted on, not squashed.


We can dye our hair and change our clothes. We can pick up different mannerisms and adopt new phrases. But you'd still be you, and I'd still be me. Deep in our core, there's something that makes us completely, uniquely, identifiably ourselves. But what are the mysterious qualities that make you one in eight billion? They deserve to be nurtured. A hidden aspect of your personality is starting to shine. Some people will recognise it. Others will be surprised by it. But they'll all appreciate the confidence you're exuding.


None of us know as much as we think we do. This can be a blessing... and a curse. Right now you could do with having more information. You're dealing with a frustrating situation and struggling to find a way to move on. It feels like you've hit a wall. Yet it only seems impossible because you're missing a few facts. As Mercury (intelligence) prepares to meet your ruler, Uranus, stay receptive. You'll find the knowledge you need. It's just that it's coming from unexpected sources. An inspiring way ahead is achievable.


When we say that travel broadens the mind, we tend to think of far-flung places and lost corners of the globe. In reality, it needn't be anything as grand. It's more about a 'state of mind' that gives us fresh perspective on the world around us. When we appreciate the kindness of strangers, and find ways to communicate that go beyond words, we realise the commonalities all humans share, no matter where we're from. Today brings an encounter that reminds you of the joys of being who you are, and where you are.