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Your daily horoscope Thursday July 18, 2024

Your daily horoscope
Updated: 21 hours ago
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1,960 years ago today, Emperor Nero allegedly sat back and played his violin as he watched the start of the great fire in Rome. Back then people would have asked the gods of the sky and sea (Jupiter and Neptune) for help. Today, as these two planets make a rare alignment, we can call on their support. Imaginative ideas can provide practical solutions in heated situations. So even if we have to face the music today, as the Blue Moon approaches, we can improvise and dance to it.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus brings a surge of much-needed motivation, urging you to break free from any ruts you find yourself stuck in and to take bold and daring action. You may feel a strong desire to break free from any limitations or routines that have been holding you back. It's time to shake things up and embrace new ways of doing things. Invite some celestial magic into your life,


We know the problem with making important decisions in haste; no one wants to repent at leisure. But hastiness is often the result of pressure. And pressure isn't easy to deal with. Even if we do our best to play down a source of tension, other people often pressurise us to do 'something' to relieve it. Yet pressure creates diamonds; sometimes, when the pressure is on, we're forced to realise our untapped potential. With Mars moving towards Gemini, if you follow your instincts, you won't regret a decision you make in haste today.


Something needs to change. You've managed to plug into an internal energy source and recharge your batteries, but if you don't slow down, they'll need replacing - and there's no time for that. So, the news that Mars is reaching the end of its stay in your sign should be encouraging. Soon, you'll be able to look back and see how valuable this time has been. Being shaken out of your routine has been unsettling... but once you settle again, you'll realise how the decisions you've made have impacted your life, for the better.


Whether you're buying an item online, or visiting your local high street, clothes shopping involves decision-making. Colour, size, style, suitability, price... there are lots of considerations. How can we be certain that we've weighed up all the factors and selected the right/best option? We go through a similar process in all the choices we make - no wonder life can feel overwhelming! Your current decision might not involve shopping, but you're struggling to weigh up the pros and cons. Today brings the answer you seek.


Tough people are busy. When there's a challenge to face, they jump in to tackle it. Some of them even sing the song about what to do 'when the going gets tough'! And since life is challenging, most of us are busy being tough most of the time. Since you're emotionally sensitive, you've developed a suit of armour that protects you from knocks. Recently, you've been dealing with lots of difficulties... and your armour is getting heavy. You can take it off today. The astrological Blue Moon promises that life's about to get easier.


Nowadays, we're more likely to collect loyalty card reward points than stamps; but we all like collecting something. It's when people collect opinions, which they build up to strengthen their viewpoints, that collecting things gets problematic; particularly when these folk inflict their views on us. In the approach to the Blue Moon, your discriminatory powers are going to be called upon. If you refuse to be provoked, and don't waste your energy defending your views, your calmness will spread. Which will be good for everyone.


'Sorry but you can't cross that line/do that/speak to that person'. 'It's not permissible'. These might not be the exact words you're hearing, but you recognise the sentiment. Someone is wielding their authority and scuppering your plans; you're unable to do what you want/need to do. You've tried to negotiate a different set of rules, to no avail. It's frustrating. Yet the approach of the Blue Moon promises a more positive dynamic. Until then do your best to shrug your shoulders. And be patient. The change is closer than you think.


What don't you want to happen? What are you doing your best to avoid? The approach of the Blue Moon is encouraging you to look at your secret fears and concerns. Why? Because a possibility is on its way into your world, and it seems that part of you is secretly worried about being successful. To take advantage of this gift, you need free yourself from your anxieties about the potential consequences. How? By having the courage to assess the negative thought processes that hold you back. Then, you can let them go.


Congratulations are in order. You're handling a tricky, demanding situation with skill. Your ability to keep calm and cool is impressive. It's your flexible approach that's enabling you to sensibly respond to all the craziness. Somehow, in the midst of chaos, you're coming up with logical ideas and pragmatic plans. But it's taking a lot of effort. So thank goodness things are about to calm down. You'll soon be able to put this experience behind you. And use all you've gained to move towards a brighter, easier future.


What have you done? You don't know? Honestly, as soon as no one's looking you can't help doing something that courts a bit of controversy; it's a natural consequence of your Sagittarian enthusiasm! Today, as your ruler links with Neptune, you might find yourself under pressure to apologise for something you don't think you've done. So... before making amends for your actions, think about whether you need to be sorry. Don't allow anyone to pressurise you into feeling a false sense of guilt when you're just doing 'you'.


There's something on your mind you want to share. But you're nervous. Since it's an emotional issue, you're worried that you'll make yourself vulnerable. Yet keeping it locked away doesn't feel like a good option; you've got a feeling that if you don't speak, you'll regret it. Your reticence is caused by the fact that you've changed your opinion about one thing and are becoming more certain about another. Is there anything wrong with that? No! The sooner you start talking, the faster you'll realise you've got backup support.


No one forces us to enjoy life on this ball of rock. We're free to choose to spend as many days as we want living with anxiety and stress. And, let's face it, there are lots of reasons to justify that kind of mental state. But so much depends on our attitude. Problems don't ever go away... but neither do reasons to be optimistic. You've got lots to be glad about and many reasons to be hopeful. You're growing stronger, wiser and more able to deal with the challenges that life inevitably brings along. So, give yourself permission to relax.


How tidy is your living space? Are your socks arranged in their drawer? Are your papers in a neat pile? Don't worry, I'm not questioning your organisational skills - the most methodically-minded people have 'areas' of messiness where they shove things they don't want to deal with. And these can be mental spaces as well as physical ones. As Jupiter links to your ruler, Neptune, it's the perfect moment to look at a confusing situation in your world. By sorting out a practical issue, you'll find a way to straighten out an emotional one.