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Your daily horoscope Saturday June 10, 2023

Your daily horoscope Saturday June 10, 2023

When designing products or services, inventors create prototypes that deliver 'proof of concept'. These show how something can and will work, but indicate that further development is required. This week, as Pluto returns to Capricorn, it may feel like a step backwards. But sometimes old ways need dismantling before real progress can occur. We're taking necessary steps to create a better future. And the Jupiter-Sun-Venus alignment promises it can be brighter than we dare hope.

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Your Weekly Horoscope: The issues you're now dealing with won't always be on your mind. Eventually, they'll fade into distant memories. Even though life always brings challenges to deal with, in the not-too-distant future your concerns will be less demanding and less time-consuming. It's just that right now, you're re-examining things that need to be re-examined. There is, though, only so much re-examining you can do. This week, if you stop thinking and start moving, you'll find a constructive way forward. An illuminating idea will reveal the way ahead.


Your Weekly Horoscope: Every breath we take is an affirmation of life. This extraordinary occurrence, which we hardly notice, is a sign of our existence and importance. Happily, we don't need a licence to do it. And, since it's one of the few things we do that no one has jurisdiction over, maybe we should appreciate it a bit more! Focusing on our breath helps put worries into perspective. Take time this week to focus on yourself. You've got a right to be heard, respected and fulfilled. Some reflective moments will enable you to regain control of your world.


Your Weekly Horoscope: You can't spot a phoenix rising from the ashes unless there has been a fire. If there are no clouds in the sky, where will you look for a silver lining? How can you tell which side of the street is sunny unless the other side is shrouded in shadow? Since you're a bright Gemini, I don't need to labour the point! I'm sure you get the message. This week brings opportunities to move on from a difficult situation. Something good is emerging from something bad. By focusing on a spark of brightness you can light up the path to your future.


Your Weekly Horoscope: Let's go on a flight of fantasy. Imagine a handwritten postcard has dropped through your letterbox. This is what it says: 'Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that everything's good and that things have worked out well. The situation you're so concerned about sorted itself out, in a satisfying way. I'm having a great time. All is well. Wish you were here.' Who is this message from? Your future self! There really is no need to worry. By trusting that things are unfolding in the right way, you'll see evidence that they're doing just that.


Your Weekly Horoscope: How much time are you prepared to invest? How determined are you to prove a point? To what degree are you prepared to argue your case? How important is it for you to get a result? With dynamic Mars in your sign you're full of energy and drive. Yet success can feel empty unless it's carefully thought through. There's not much to be gained from achieving a task only to realise that you've been focusing on something that isn't going to bring you satisfaction. Skilfully consider your options. Then make your move.


Your Weekly Horoscope: Sometimes it feels like we're serving a sentence for a choice we wish we hadn't made. If you're feeling that you've been stuck somewhere for too long, on meagre rations and limited pleasure time, it's time to break out of your prison. There is a way out. It doesn't involve any time-consuming tunnel digging either! Unless, of course, you'd rather stay where you are and enjoy complaining about it? No... I didn't think that was your style. This week brings an exciting option... are you brave enough to take it? It leads to freedom and fun.


Your Weekly Horoscope: We know money can't buy love. But there are lots of other things it can't buy either. Like confidence. And trust. Yet as the rich and famous discover, it can buy the illusion of these feelings. Which might be enough to satisfy people who are happy to accept the superficial. It's only when those false sources of support dry up or reveal their shallowness that they remember the value of the real thing. Ruled by Venus, your appreciation of these qualities is sincere. This week brings a lovely reminder of what's precious in your world.


Your Weekly Horoscope: There's no point getting annoyed by a situation you can't alter. In the future all sorts of changes are possible. But the way towards them involves being determined (not desperate). Although expressing your frustrations might be satisfying, it won't help you progress. Neither will trying to force a process to an untimely conclusion. As your retrograde ruler, Pluto, changes signs, resign yourself to the current reality, but keep hold of a flame of hope for the future. The time when things will be very different is closer than you think.


Your Weekly Horoscope: Life constantly has new lessons to teach us. Yet, like most students, we don't always give our full attention to what's being taught. We get distracted. We doodle. We daydream. Our minds wander. And then we wonder why we haven't got as much understanding as we should have. Does this explain why you're feeling less confident than usual? Have you been sidetracked and somehow missed a piece of vital information? This week brings the focus to arm yourself with the knowledge you need. You're back on track.


Your Weekly Horoscope: If eight billion people exist on this ball of rock how can every one of them be special? Yet there are more than eight billion stars. And every one of them is a source of heat and light. We might not have proof that life exists on any of countless planets, yet we instinctively think there must be: and the stars support those life forms. With Pluto moving into your sign, you're contemplating the complexities of your life and asking meaningful questions. As you realise why you're so valued, you can reach out, and make a real difference.


Your Weekly Horoscope: There are times when progressing through life feels like a challenging trek through a muddy field. At others, it's like a dance through a meadow of flowers on a sunny day. What creates the difference? It's the existence of hope that makes us want to celebrate... and the apparent absence of it that creates despair. This week, the cosmos offers you an abundance of hope. So what are you going to hope for? If you're clever, and hope for more happiness (without being too specific) you'll find reasons to keep dancing long into the future.


Your Weekly Horoscope: The problem with saying what you think is that you're going to upset someone. But if you hold back, and keep your views to yourself, somebody else will get upset. Which is upsetting someone who happens to be very important - you! Aargh! You can tie yourself up in knots working out whose happiness matters most. But, unless you want to make yourself unhappy, be inspired by the Jupiter-Sun-Venus alignment. Think less and be more spontaneous. If you follow that protocol, your smiles will have a positive effect on everyone.