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8 recent good news stories to spark joy that you may have missed

We promise to put a smile on your face!

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Anna Johnstone
Head of Social
April 7, 2020
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Often, it’s the gloomiest news that hits the headlines. But here at HELLO!, we value bringing our readers kindness, positivity, and the most uplifting news. So, here are some of the best ‘good news’ stories that you may have missed recently, because sometimes, we all need a bit of cheering up. Why not bookmark this page or send to a friend?

A new blood test can detect over 50 types of cancer

blood test detect cancer good news

Scientists are still trialing it, but this could be a breakthrough that would be crucial in the early diagnosis of cancer. It also accurately finds the disease's location in the body, so the patient could be given the most targeted treatment, which gives the best chance of it being successful.

Endangered sea turtles have started hatching on Brazil's deserted beaches


A highly endangered species of sea turtle has taken advantage of the tourist-free beaches in Brazil and returned to take up residence. Scores of Hawksbill sea turtles were hatched at a beach in Paulista, in Brazil's Pernambuco state, over the weekend. How amazing!

Japan Airlines ditches compulsory high heels and skirts for female crew after national #KuToo campaign

japan airlines kutoo skirt campaign

After a national campaign, Japan Airlines became the first major company to finally ditch strict dress codes for women, making thousands of female employees more comfortable during their working day. Hooray!

Did you know that you can live-stream the Northern Lights from home?

live stream northern lights

Can't visit them? You can virtually stream the 'nature's most incredible light show' from the comfort of your living room - and the website also has a number of other live-cams, such as sweet animal sanctuaries. You'll be hooked! 

These women just made history by trekking across Norway's Finnmark Plateau

norwegian female trek

There's no denying it: women are amazing. And this group of women just cemented their status as blooming brilliant women by becoming the first-ever all female team to trek across one of Norway's most challenging regions.

Vans launches sensory-friendly range of trainers for customers with autism

vans autism sensory trainers

This 'Autism Awareness Collection' was designed specifically with ASD in mind. Not only is the range super comfortable, but they’ve used a calming colour palette, and design features which focus on the senses of touch, sign, and sound.

These high-tech contact lenses could help correct colour blindness


Not being able to distinguish red from green is the most common consequence of being colour blind – and now there’s hope for all those who cannot differentiate hues, in the form of a pair of seemingly simple contact lenses. 

Man admits dating app success is all down to his dog… and tbh we’d swipe right too

good news dog dating app

We all admit to choosing our best photos to really make an impact on Tinder. So why not just admit it, like this pet-owner?

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