Panic over! Your star sign hasn't actually changed following Nasa's 'discovery'

Astrologer Debbie Frank sets the record straight

Debbie Frank

Why it has taken NASA so long to 'discover' a 13th sign is beyond comprehension to astrologers. Ancient Babylonians, who devised our system of astrology, recorded and knew that the constellation Ophiuchus existed 2,500 years ago.

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Besides this, NASA's blog is not even recent news having first been posted in 2016 and has just re-surfaced, triggering a big hoo-ha where many people have been led to believe that their original star sign has fallen into a black hole and they have to adjust to a new one.


Debbie says our star signs have not changed

The constellation of Ophiuchus has been inserted between Scorpio and Sagittarius and all the signs have supposedly shifted, so that, for instance, Cancer is now Gemini and Leo is now Cancer. However, the scientist's assertion that our star signs no longer apply to us is, in fact, utterly invalid. They should consult an astrologer!

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The truth is that we astrologers study astronomy, yet they have no clue about astrology, yet make their pronouncements and interventions with zero knowledge of what astrology is actually based on. Their presumption that this ancient art and science can be rendered 'wrong' is a huge misconception.

Western astrologers do not base their sun signs or indeed the position of any of the planets as being in a constellation. The zodiac sign is not relative to the actual stars themselves but measured by an area of space and sky that is itself fixed.

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The zodiac signs for our purposes were divided up equally into 30 degrees by the Babylonians who were the first great astronomers living in Mesopotamia between 2000 and 700 B.C. They knew about Ophiuchus and decided not to include him in their 12 areas or 'signs'.

Modern scientists have also latched onto a phenomenon known as The Precession of the Equinoxes, which together with the earth's orbital wobble means the constellations move backwards by one degree every 72 years so that the Sun and our other planets are no longer exactly aligned with them.

This is true, yet astrologers knew this when Hipparchus discovered The Precession of the Equinoxes in 134 B.C.

Thereafter we referred to the zodiac signs as located in the area of sky named after the constellations, taking into account the relative movements of the stars in the constellations themselves. In simple terms, the star signs and the constellations are not the same thing. Something NASA has over-looked.

We set our measurements by the equinoxes and solstices, which determine our Tropical Zodiac. Vedic (Indian) astrology still uses the Sidereal (fixed star) Zodiac, but they take into account the shifting signs and to this day do not include Ophiuchus.

Therefore in Western astrology at least, we are all still perfectly in tune with our piece of the unchanging sky that is our zodiac sign. Those birthday Rams are still bold and courageous, not timid, super-sensitive Pisceans, Librans are still the scales, not fusspot Virgos. Ahhh – harmony reigns again in the cosmos!

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