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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


You're a strong person, yet your secret weapon must be your inner power this week, rather than a dominant force for control. Ongoing tensions are apt to boil over when tempestuous Mars in Aries clashes with power mogul Pluto. So make sure you're the one with the sense to rein it in.


Stormy emotional weather requires extra padding and you need to buffer yourself against events that refuse to conform to your desires. With a little patience, everything moves on. Next Saturday Uranus in Taurus will change direction and give you a chance to re-calibrate and renew.


It's time to look at how you can pull back from people and situations that lock you into combat. There's really no point staying stuck with the immoveable object (or person). Instead concentrate on your own ingenious methods of magicking up other scenarios and interests.


Long standing issues are re-surfacing. But not so as you find yourself in groundhog day, but that you find a way of not playing the game anymore. It is up to you to uplevel yourself and find the power within yourself to neutralise any bad feelings. The higher vibe is just a thought away.


In some ways August restores the lion's spirit. But you're not immune from challenging situations that make it look as if your options are narrower than they are. The more you tussle with them the more tied up you get. Cut loose and stand right outside the box.


A turbulent cosmic picture means this week is unlikely to be entirely peaceful. It could be that you're trying to deal with old sticking points or difficult people, but finding a way out of the battle grounds is essential. You've got to put the past behind you.


There is a territorial battle going on – which is most probably not to do with land itself but psychological control. You might not find yourself in a place of sweetness and light. But you can minimise the effects by refusing to buy into manipulation and focus on what makes you happy.


Mars and Pluto are a mighty mix this week, plunging you into a deep awareness of what makes people tick. An area that has reached a stale-mate or where you're blocked in any way requires a superhuman engagement with your inner power. How can you eliminate the problem and move on?


Not everyone possesses your happy-go-lucky nature. It becomes clear to you this week that someone has a hidden agenda or a desire to take control of what's going on. Instead of meeting fire with fire you would do well to tone down the combat and reduce the hold this person has on you.


Ever since powerful Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 you've been confronted with situations that required you to wise-up on your own powerful inner resources. Capricorns can not only climb mountains, but move them if necessary. This might be such a time. But ask yourself first if it is really worth it or would you better off finding a more worthy challenge?


The cosmic weather is super-intense this week and you find others are not at their most reasonable. You can offer alternatives, re-frame the issue and work at finding a solution. However you might find that someone is rather enjoying the battle. In which case, they may well see that you have a capacity to completely detach.


Stormy seas might not be the most comfortable place for you to swim in this week. People are off-kilter and certain situations feel loaded with tension. Pisceans can usually find ways to elude difficulties and your insight and wisdom tell you that this too must pass. Which it most surely will, meanwhile find a way to float.

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