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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you, and make sure to check out Debbie's book, Written in the Stars.


Full-on Full Moon fever is around you early this week – so tread carefully as everyone is active and re-active. For some rams this could lead to a brilliant breakthrough, for others a more unsettling energy that has you questioning what has got into certain people.


Uranus in your own sign has played many wild cards over the last few years. Yet this could be the most surprising yet as revolutionary energy kicks straight into Monday's Full Moon. Wild card or house of cards, be prepared for things to fall down revealing exactly what's underneath.


You're on the verge of calling it quits with something you've had enough of in your life. No more chances. Besides, you've got exciting new ideas pulling you in a different direction that will re-vitalise you rather than keep you stuck. So, even though you're at the edge, don't lose your nerve.


The Full Moon pulls at your heart-strings and you find yourself getting drawn into a situation that could easily spin out of control. Yet Venus will sashay into Cancer on Friday restoring love and peace. Prize your pincers off the drama and settle into your creature comforts again.


Sun in Leo – Full Moon in Aquarius – it's the wow factor with bells on as super-charged Uranus lies at the heart of the mix. For many Leos this is a signal call to make that radical change. For others, events unfold in such a way that you're forced to move in a different direction. Relationships are high impact and high voltage now which could be wonderful, wild or disruptive.


There is no way you can make things neat and tidy when you've got the anarchic energy of Uranus pulsing into the current Full Moon. More likely that things unravel. The cosmos is spikey, people are touchy and situations that have been building are fit to burst. Keep your distance and come in for the clear-up, not the explosion.


Tension is in the air – you can sense the rumblings and only after Monday's Full Moon will you feel that people are approachable. Librans possess an innate sense of good timing and social skills so wait until you know it's safe to raise certain issues. Your capacity to draw everyone together gives you stellar appeal.


It's a controversial start to the week – highly charged and volatile, so contain and refrain rather than wading in. In this time of illumination you don't have to force anything as the penny is dropping without your intervention. Post Monday's Full Moon you'll see where people are at. It could be a nice surprise.


It might be that the moment has come to deliver some of your famous home truths. Yet the emotionally charged Full Moon makes people ultra-sensitive, so don't expect others to be reasonable about it. Plans might be dashed and new ones made in the blink of an eye. Flying the flag for a positive outcome is your greatest strength.


You're absolutely ready to pull the plug on something that has tried your patience to the limit. Only you can decide if you've really had enough, but the key question is whether you're feeling inspired to move on. Being doggedly resilient is a great attribute, but not when it comes at the expense of your own personal evolution.


A Full Moon in your own sign brings you to a point of closure and completion which can happen as a surprise landing or a chosen departure. Ultimately, what's going on will liberate you from situations that are truly cramping your style. As 2021 is such a mega year of developments for Aquarius it's important you position yourself well now.


It's so easy to take everything personally with a Full Moon in the most private and sensitive area of your chart. Yet, take some time to process how you feel and what's going on and you'll emerge with a new life-line and a change of heart. Venus is also preparing some happy situations to develop over the course of this month.

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