Your weekly horoscope revealed for 31 August to 6 September

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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A turbulent cosmos usually ignites your capacity to rise to the challenge. So gird your loins for yet another roller-coaster week and a Full Moon that dredges up material from the past. Yet you have the fire power that fuels your personal magnetism. All you need to do is keep your head.


There's so much to be discussed this week you hardly know where to begin. Keep things moving and open yourself up to your circle, group and tribe so that you're part of the zeitgeist. The right ideas will hit their mark, even if certain people put up barriers.


If you've over extended yourself financially, this is your week to get things back on track. Certainly, your powers of negotiation are in their prime which gives you hope that you can bring a conclusion to a tricky patch and begin a new era.


It's been too easy to give your power away in relationships and certain people have taken advantage when it suits them. However, now that Venus in Cancer is directly opposed to Saturn and Pluto, the planets of boundaries and truth you're getting a handle on who and what are deserving of your time and energy.


What you earn, owe and value are under the astrological spotlight this week care of Mercury's thought provoking passage through the financial area of your chart coupled with Wednesday's Full Moon. You're looking at where you're tied in and whether it's right for you.


Mercury's transit through your sign is giving you a mental stimulus package, expanding your perception of what's available and how to handle it. Yet this week is dominated by the Full Moon in the relationship angle of your chart, so there is a key person in your life who's going to have the greatest impact.


Early September is your preparation time before both Mercury and Venus arrive in your sign next weekend. Think of it as having important visitors coming that will be highly engaging and life-enhancing. All you have to do is make ready….


The most creative and romantic Full Moon of the year is here for you midweek, so open yourself up to the magic. You're also gearing up for significant discussions that carry your own unique message. Self -expression will be your winning formula.


The Full Moon is a timing mechanism for a change of pace. This is your week to schedule, organise and arrange. Vital meetings are taking place that have the power to alter your work/life balance and financial picture.


Over the course of 2020 you've been working at moving relationships onto a more real footing. Especially if you've felt that you're the one who's been doing all the work. This week is crucial to your efforts in terms of triggering greater awareness of what you need and want.


If you've been looking into making new financial arrangements, this is a hugely significant week for furthering your cause. It seems everyone is keen to talk about the new normal. From this position you can steer yourself away from what may have been a past problem.


Wednesday's Full Moon in Pisces gives you a super-charged emotional energy that makes it possible to get things over the line. Those close to you are more than willing to discuss what's important to you and can even provide valuable practical help and expertise. So this is your moment to get clear on what you want.

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