Your weekly horoscope revealed for 8 to 14 February

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Picking the right members for your team or tribe is essential, but remember, they are also choosing your flair and pzazz. You've proved time and again that you can lead from the front and go it alone when needs be. Now it's about everyone being in this together.


Your unflappability is your usp, yet fractious Mars in Taurus is bound to make you more assertive and reactive. Say your piece, but do it in such a way that others know you're on their side. This is your moment to take things a step further and with Venus and Jupiter on your profile page you'll be much in demand.


Most Geminis have grown utterly fed up of life's restrictions as you are someone who likes to respond in the moment and busy yourself with a multitude of activities. However, there's no doubt that something is looking very promising and full of potential– even if it's just on your horizon and not yet part of your 'now'. Give it your all.


When it comes to supporting others you've done more than your fair share, so it will be a relief when the planets arrange themselves to deliver just what you need at a crucial time. Call it a blessing or the law of karma but someone understands you perfectly and there is giving involved.


Right on cue for Valentine's week you find yourself at the centre of a mutual admiration society which makes you realise life is so much happier when you're not having to win people over but find them naturally gravitating towards you. Perhaps your natural warmth is infectious but it's certainly coming back to you in spades.


As you stand at the cutting edge of new frequencies and connectivity there's plenty of upgrading going on in your life at the moment. Pulling yourself out of old habits and set up eliminates the past in one fell swoop and opens the door to a healthier, full-on functionality. It's a way of living better from the inside out.


When the goddess of love meets the god of abundance then something positive is implanted in your energy field. It may be imperceptible to the naked eye, but something about your pheromones has a raised attraction factor. You've always known that charm is your secret weapon, but now your essential magnetism shines through.


Whatever the external chill, you've got internal warmth to see you through. As Venus and Jupiter are the planets that help you bring what you love into your life you're more aware of your heart felt connections. Grand gestures may be limited at this time but you can make a powerful difference in your invisibly potent Scorpio way.


Whipping up a state of enthusiasm comes naturally to you and you'll be in your element this week when your upbeat ruling planet Jupiter creates the ideal environment for you to plant seeds of encouragement and spread your message. It may be a case of an idea whose time has come, but you're the messenger.


If things have gone a little stale on the financial front, be prepared for new ideas and ventures to develop this week. Whatever setbacks you've endured, the New Moon brings a fresh cycle of energy to bear on your fortunes and self-confidence. The quotient of your inner glow is rising – and other people are responding!


As the New Moon puts six out of ten celestial bodies in your sign this week there are great signs of positive new beginnings and happy times to come. Venus and Jupiter are indicative of a great love match or a big boost to your confidence. It's definitely a time to be on that Aquarian crest of a wave, so start the surge.


Sometimes new beginnings are invisible, planted in the dark and start in the smallest of ways. Yet your extraordinary sensitivity should pick up on a subtle change that feels really good. You don't have to explain it to anyone or even know exactly how it's going to unfold and develop. Just trust that your faith is well placed.

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