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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 18 to 24 January

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debbie frank horoscope
Debbie Frank
January 18, 2021
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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A flashpoint arrives this week as Mars meets with wild Uranus so don't expect you have all bases covered. What's exposed requires an instant response – which is your forte in life. Your quick reflexes save the day and keeps everything afloat.


Most Taureans prefer to be wrapped in cashmere or fluffy towels, safely ensconced in your comfort zone. Yet this week's union between red hot Mars and volatile Uranus in your own sign alerts you to the speed at which changes come in from left field. Surprises are in store.


If you thought your horizon was devoid of anything interesting, look again. New possibilities are opening up that make the past obsolete. In a flash you find yourself in new territory, whether it's an idea, a project or a connection that links you to the kinds of places and people who offer a fresh take.


You'll turn a corner this week which reveals you have more options than you realised. Now it's up to you to break with any unsatisfactory agreements or to re-write the rules. Of course, certain people may not like it because they've relied on you to do all the work. They will have to think again.


Flare-ups trigger a need for adjustment in the way you relate to certain significant others. Perhaps your paths are diverging, or you find someone is overly controlling (which is never good idea when you're around!) Take a look at how you can do things differently.


Disruption to your best laid plans can feel like it wrong-foots you. Yet what gets flagged up this week is that something in your system, daily life or pattern of work needs altering. Start to look at what else is out there that you can learn from and you'll make your own situation a lot more robust.


A leap into the unknown is bound to rock the scales, but you can't avoid the unusual circumstances you find yourself in. Shaking things up a bit might even be a good thing and expand your perception of what's possible. This learning curve will show you how to live from your gut feelings and heart.


When Mars and Uranus meet in your relationship zone you're getting a crash course in how to deal with the unexpected. Things can turn on a dime but it's up to you to remain poised. Ultimately, you need to find that blend of excitement and security.


There's a real temptation to get carried away which means you can say the wrong thing or experience some awkward moments because others are not ready to hear your views. Express yourself with care in the next few days and make sure you have the facts at your fingertips.


You're bound to witness some crazy behaviour over the next few days as certain people are acting out. Yet as the Sun is going to meet with your sensible ruling planet Saturn next Sunday you know that only fools rush in and you're not going to be one of them.


Well the cosmos is a bit loony tunes this week as it's all kicking off with your wild child ruler Uranus which is the equivalent of breakouts and tantrums. Stand on the side-lines and wait for the Sun to join with Saturn in your sign on Sunday which will be a significant day of reckoning.


If talks break down or you hear something untoward this week it's best to wait a while before reacting. Perhaps someone needs to get things off their chest and is coming across as provocative in the process. You'll get a chance to put it all in perspective if you go quiet and reflect.

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