Your weekly horoscope revealed for 15 to 21 March

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Prepare for lift-off as next Saturday's Spring Equinox sees the Sun roaring into Aries followed by Sunday's arrival of the gorgeous love goddess Venus. In the meantime, you're getting a new take on an old problem which renders it irrelevant, leaving you free to place your energies into powerful new forms.


A huge amount of energy has gone into certain people, yet you've wondered if it's really made any difference. This week's heartening message enables you all to move beyond the past and reclaim your power over what happened. Get ready for a big step forward as Spring is springing with the Equinox next Saturday.


It's well known that Geminis juggle so much that some matters slip through your fingers, yet you're becoming so intrigued by one aim, goal or ambition that concentrating on this single thing is a no-brainer. Whatever you need in the way of support is making itself available which is a sure sign you're doing the right thing.


If you'd given up on someone it seems that something is about to be rectified, restored or renewed between you. Sometimes people simply lose their way, but it's game on when you get this new lease of life pouring into the most future oriented sector of your skies. Maybe it's a case of never say never, but for whatever reason it's most welcome.


It can hurt your pride when someone fails to support you, but if this has been the case it would be a major step forward not to take it personally. Besides which, everything in life is about timing and this week you're receiving strong and positive messages that someone is really there for you so you can finally complete on your arrangement or contract.


Perhaps things have been hanging by a thread, but you're determined to start over with a firm intention to get beyond issues of the past. It's possible to restore faith and confidence in a project or relationship and move things onto the next level. This requires a can-do rather than a what-if mindset on your part.


It's time to give something your all, rather than fragmenting your energy into other people's needs and wishes. The Libra life path is not always about responding to others, but establishing a healthy sense of self that equalises the connection. Whatever you need to do for yourself, do it now, without any apology!


A connection is growing stronger in that imperceptible way that Scorpios recognise as the truth. Your mutual capacity to understand where each other is coming from and to build a stronger platform for work or play is hugely energised this week. You're certainly in touch with the power of a creative force to express love or inspiration.


You tend to build your future as you go along, rather than go back to check that things have a solid foundation. Yet, it's reassuring to know that something you've invested in financially or emotionally is having a growth spurt. It means you can aim your arrows from a stable and solid place.


Your greatest power lies within in terms of simply being who you are rather than measuring your success from what you've done in the world. This week's hugely powerful links between the Sun, Venus and Pluto enable you to see that how you make others feel speaks volumes and you are the one who makes a difference.


You might have felt that certain people have lost the plot or simply don't understand what needs to happen in order to create a great and glorious future. However, you're about to make a major step forward which shows them the value of what you think and what you're doing. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.


A stunning link between the Sun and Venus in your sign and the powerfully resurrective force of Pluto suggests you're soon to be the come-back King or Queen. Almost invisibly you've turned a corner and see your path ahead with a new found confidence. Relationships are at pivotal moment of breakthrough too.

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