Your weekly horoscope revealed for 1 to 7 March

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The opening of Spring sees you surging ahead in the development of future positives. As upfront Mars steps foot in your zone of ideas, meetings and projects there's a real uplift to your pace of life. Something that began in January as an initial inspiration is about to take off.


So many red rags have been presented to you since early January that you've found the Mars in Taurus period to be both provocative and challenging. Now it's back to some calm as the warrior god leaves you on Friday and you can survey all that has come to pass. Celebration is in the air.


The universe is pinging you with opportunities to get ahead. The arrival of go-getting Mars into your sign on Friday takes you through the Spring period in a flurry of activity. What's more ideas that first occurred to you early in the year are now ready and ripe for take off.


Spring may be popping, but Mars is urging you to take things slowly and prepare for a great burst of energy in two months time. Don't forget it's your capacity to dream and inhabit your inner world that fuels all that happens in the outside one. Besides, you're receiving a massive plus from someone without any prompting from you.


If you've wondered where your entourage has gone during covid times, the entry of Mars into the people angle of your chart brings them back to surround you. Spring is surprising you with a huge amount of interaction and exchange and an important collaboration is truly coming through.


You're public image is receiving a huge boost care of the arrival of Mars to the top spot in your chart where it will remain until late April. So this is the time to rise to the challenge, run with the ball and put yourself out there. Good news at the end of the week fills you with positive energy.


You have lift off in early March as a number of things gain traction and dangle exciting possibilities your way. As doors open you are reminded that you've been in a mentally restricted space for too long and are ready to jump into the unknown and discover a new and interesting perspective that takes you on the next leg of your journey in life.


What you have to share with others is coming to the fore – whether it's your profound Scorpio wisdom or other resources ,you're moving into a time where it's possible to mix it up with what others have to offer to create a great fusion. A pleasant surprise triggers a happy outcome in your personal affairs.


There's nothing like Mars in the relationship angle of your chart to create the kind of waves you like to surf on. The next couple of months will offer you plenty of opportunity to take relationships to new heights and turn away from those that have lost their appeal. Friday kick-starts a positive connection that works wonders for you both.


Never give up may be your motto, but even a resilient Capricorn has to admit there have been times you've felt like throwing in the towel in sheer frustration. Yet this week's positive aspects lend themselves to a great leap forward that restores your faith in good times to come. You're at your most productive and constructive.


Ever since January you've been thinking about making a major move. It's filled you with optimism, but been hard to land. Yet here it comes with the final fusion between Mercury and Jupiter in your sign and you get the green lights. It changes your whole energy field for the better.


Being a Pisces feels good when Venus gets an exhilarating infusion from sparky Uranus! Suddenly your world looks brighter and you come alive, eager to explore next steps. What's more you have so much potential that's fermenting in the quiet and the dark that will burst through in early Summer.

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