Your weekly horoscope revealed for 29 March to 4 April

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The superior conjunction of the Sun and Venus in your sign has elevated your reach. So you start the week ready to manifest all that you hold dear. Keep the positives in mind when Neptune's misty influence distorts the picture. You're on your way towards a massive breakthrough.


You know that there are times to keep doing what you're doing and make allowances for small mistakes and misunderstandings. No-one is perfect, but it's the intention that counts. As you move towards early April you have a sense that you're nearly on the home straight.


It's perfectly possible that certain people may be saying one thing and doing another, or that it becomes harder to get hold of the true facts as Mercury receives the slippery energy of Neptune. However, you'll soon see whether a group dynamic really works and if you have a meeting of minds.


You could decide to give people the benefit of the doubt. That is if you believe they are largely doing their best. What you can't allow are little white lies that actually skew the whole picture. This is a time when you need to do a reality check and put people on the spot. The truth will out.


You're really in the mood to make positive plans for the future, to start visualising how things will develop over the coming months and to be cautiously optimistic about venturing forth. If someone's support isn't forthcoming it could be time to accept your paths are diverging.


Despite some solid commitments being made you can't help wondering what on earth is going on in a relationship. Perhaps you are receiving mixed messages or simply find it hard to understand where someone is coming from. But why look to them? The answers lie within yourself.


The positives in a relationship or association are very clear to you and getting more apparent all the time. Yet there are grey areas that are impacting on your daily life, unknown quantities, things that defy your logic and expertise that seemingly throw you off balance. Focus on what works.


The plus points are adding up to a great improvement in your life, yet you still feel that you're in a place of making allowances and adjustments. As a water sign you can feel your way through and go with the flow. You're also tapping into a great well of intuition inside yourself.


Although you feel a tinge of uncertainty, you're determined to put a brave face on what's going on and move forward in the spirit of optimism. It might be that you don't have guarantees at this point, but sometimes the challenge can be a catalyst that brings out the best in people.


You might be short on answers or facts but still able to make considerable headway this week, simply by sticking with what you do know to be true. Your own reliability and capability is beyond question and others are relying on you to steer them through.


Anything of a financial nature needs to be put under the microscope this week as it may turn out some of the numbers are misleading. Yet you have a sixth sense that will take you in the right direction and the power to tap into people in the know.


If anyone's spinning you a line it's time to call them out on it as you certainly don't want to be the purveyor of false information. Double check what you're being told and allow yourself extra time to pull everything together this week. Your innate wisdom is about to come up trumps.

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