Your weekly horoscope revealed for 19 to 25 July

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Debbie Frank

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Forging ahead feels like a wonderful release as it activates all your passion for life. You come alive with the Sun in your fellow fire sign of Leo from Thursday. Yet Venus is activating the earthier realities in life, urging you to tick the required boxes, meet your tasks with a cool head and stay grounded.


If you're aiming towards lift-off, the upcoming Full Moon in the overhead lighting sector of your skies gives you prime position and attention. Stepping out into the world feels good, but you're dropping anchor into home and family at the weekend to soothe your soul.


A change of pace is in your stars as the Sun moves to the most mobile and interactive area of your solar chart. There's a sense of joy and light-heartedness in the air that preps you for Saturday's Full Moon. Time to express yourself big-time.


Conversations and connections are flowing as you come out of your shell this week. Your bandwidth is opening up to include a bigger view of what's possible. As a lunar ruled sign, you sense Saturday's early morning Full Moon on its way all week. It whispers for you to attach even more closely to those you care about.


It's been celestially hot in your sign with Venus and Mars, the twin planets of love and desire, in Leo. They are rambunctious, vibrant, by turns sparking frissons of flirtation and fiery spikes of rage. As the Sun moves in and Venus moves out of your sign the upcoming Full Moon settles some scores.


Discussions are yielding pleasing results this week so all feels well in your world quietening your Virgo critical thinking. Venus is with you, smoothing and soothing your ruffled feathers. Yet nothing in the cosmos stands still and Saturday's Full Moon has you in chief fixer mode again.


If it weren't for certain personalities you feel you'd achieve the Libran nirvana of perfect peace and harmony. Yet putting them to one side, you experience the kind of positive atmosphere and connective collaboration that suits you. Full Moons always tip your scales – Saturday's should be life enhancing.


Future plans are well starred which keeps your spirits high and people seem to be making all the right noises about what you have in mind. It feels good to be around those who are on the positive end of the spectrum. This way you can hold your dreams intact.


You're keen to push further ahead yet the upcoming Full Moon insists you focus on what's going on right here, right now. It's not that you're in a holding pattern. Just that you've got some explaining to do if you are to convince certain people that it's time for everyone to move on.


You've become familiar with the theme of being the voice of reason amongst a chorus of other people's wants and needs. You're the one who holds it together for everyone else. Yet allow yourself the delicious moments of pure pleasure that are offered up this week. You deserve them.


The pivotal Full Moon in your sign close to Saturn, planet of karma, suggests you're approaching something of a milestone in your life. Completing a phase, making serious decisions and generally feeling that the time has come to release the old and embrace the new.


The entry of Venus into the relationship angle of your chart on Thursday is enhanced by Jupiter's golden glow in your sign. Without expecting perfection, you can at least feel reassured that happiness can be found even in complicated situations.

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