Your weekly horoscope revealed for 12 to 18 July

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Tune into the subtle undercurrents, the non-verbal clues this week which speak volumes about what feeds your soul and who is on-side. Meanwhile Venus and Mars are dancing in the heavens in your creative and romantic corner upping your capacity to make sparky connections that light your fire.


The buzz around your contacts and connections is literally creating conversations that inspire you to move with the team event, social settings and like minds. Home and family life are also lit up by the union of Venus and Mars in fiery Leo so you're stirring a melting pot of dynamic energy here too. Know when to turn the heat down.


Being so street smart you don't always feel the need to switch on your psychic radar, but with Mercury's move into telepathic Cancer you'll pick up more from reading the frequencies around you. Follow the pulsing energy on Tuesday that emits signals for life enhancing opportunities and seize your moment.


Now that Mercury's communication skills are resident in Cancer, it's your chance to say the right thing at exactly the right time. You'll find that others are extra receptive to your ideas and presence, literally soaking up everything about the water sign that is you! Excitement ignites around your skills, talents and power of prosperity.


Venus and Mars are edging together in Leo ready for a grand union on Tuesday that sets your world alight. It certainly makes you the centre of attention which is the platform you need for maximum impact. Your love of life is a reminder to others to live as fully as possible. Expressing your warmth creates the heat. This is your gift.


Your friends and followers are out in full force this week as suggestions and appreciation comes thick and fast. It's all about the collaborations you're part of and the group efforts you support. Although events on Tuesday may put you on the back foot, analysing what's going on, you'll give valuable feedback at the weekend that hits the spot.


Having spent so much time recently putting out fires, you'll welcome the sense of mutual benefit, camaraderie and enthusiasm that is now making your world go round. It's heartening to feel that life is taking off again and you're in the best of company to make your goals a reality.


Your profile, career prospects, goals or aspirations are getting a huge helping hand up the ladder of success care of Venus and Mars having a close encounter in all-singing, all-dancing Leo. It helps you get in front of the powers that be and align yourself with what is meant to be. Go stellar this week and move into the path of possibility.


Deeper connections with others bring a greater sense of fulfilment and mental exploration as you drill down to greater understanding and experience the joy of what you share and can make happen together. Yet you're also gearing up to get outside of your immediate environment and unleash that wild horse in you.


If you feel you've been whistling in the dark, here comes a greater sense of being received and making those vital connections. Someone knows how to open you up and enable your inner thought processes to surface. You're joining the dots to create a flow state in financial or emotional exchanges and an inner release.


A rare union between Venus and Mars in Leo lights up the relationship angle of your chart, drawing your attention to who's there and how you want to connect. You tend to be drawn to big personalities as a match for your cooler detachment. Right now, that flame is burning bright. Can you stand the heat?


The law of synchronicity is very much alive in your experience as both Jupiter and Neptune make magic in Pisces, so it helps to recognise the signs and signals that are pointers to what's opening up for you. Making it all work is a combination of being on the case and going with the flow – the yin and yang synergy.

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