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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 6 to 12 September

Check out your horoscope below

Your weekly horoscope revealed for 6 to 12 September

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Getting into the groove of the new season starts this week as the New Moon spotlights how you're going to work it this Autumn and final quarter of the year. Whilst an emotional issue is surfacing, you're more than able to find a way to put yourself in the power seat.


If someone's being a bit of a killjoy there's no need to follow suit. Separate your own responses from theirs and continue elevating that sense of expansion which is making such a big difference to your outlook. Venus will send her magnetic attraction to the relationship angle of your chart from Friday.


A make-over on the home or personal front is a must given the New Moon's energy in the eagle-eyed sign of Virgo. A bit of self or home care will underpin your confidence in yourself. In other news someone's demanding manner is so off-putting you should give them a wide berth. Keep focusing on joy.


It's super-important to choose whom you allow in your head and heart. If someone is undermining your sense of security why give them space? Besides, Tuesday's New Moon is offering up plenty of new ideas and projects that will give you a head start into Autumn.


If a financial issue has become increasingly confusing you've got an opportunity to put it straight. A firm hand is what's needed when others expect to have a finger in your pie. This is your moment to re-define what's yours and how you intend to make things happen.


A bone of contention needs careful handling this week and it's important you focus on moving ahead rather than fretting over the past. The Virgo New Moon channels a fresh start which will light up your life in the coming weeks and months. Go for it.


A challenge to your sense of fairness must not be allowed to knock you side-ways. After all, in your heart of hearts you do know that life is inherently unfair and that some people think only of themselves. As Jupiter is offering you other ways to enhance your happiness, look on it as a gift and a blessing and resolve to appreciate the good.


Underground issues are bubbling up which reveals the state of people's consciousness or indeed their unconsciousness. Try to let go of old residual hurts and align yourself with a tribe or team that represent where you are coming from. And more importantly where you're going to. Gorgeous Venus will revive you from Friday.


If you encounter an awkward moment in a group setting it's well to remember that your own good humour is a healing energy and can neutralise toxicity in the atmosphere. An auspicious New Moon at the prime angle of your chart suggests you're moving on and up in the coming weeks. Allow your bright light to shine.


If you encounter something of the silent treatment or an undercurrent of control tactics do not for one second imagine that you can't break the deadlock with the sheer power of your being. Now is the time to look at a strategy that will prove you right in the coming months.


The New Moon energy offers you a chance to establish a connection on a firmer footing. Even if there have been disagreements as to how to proceed the real issue is whether you trust someone or not. Only you can decide on that – but at least you have crystal clear vision to help you make the right choice.


You are a person who usually makes intuitive decisions yet you've been in two minds about what to do. Tuesday's New Moon shines a clarifying light on where you go from here. Take things step by step and by the Full Moon in your own sign on September 20th you should know you did the right thing.

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