Your weekly horoscope revealed for 30 August to 5 September

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Diplomatic Mercury in Libra is great for negotiations but you also have to contend with the banana skin of a Mars/Neptune clash so keep your wits about you. Next weekend delivers reassurance that you are indeed on track. 


You are often the stabilising influence and your grounded, patient and realistic approach is something others find soothing when they're feeling all at sea. During difficult times it's best to care more and judge less.  


You are definitely firing on all cylinders when it comes to having bright ideas and piquing people's interest. Yet this week also carries a cosmic health warning in the form of a clash between Mars and Neptune. This means you have to spell things out otherwise they may get lost in translation.


The definition you're seeking may prove elusive until you get to next weekend when the mist clears and things firm up. Best to cut others some slack and try not to force a commitment until the time is right. Meanwhile you can enjoy your own dream state too.


For several weeks there have been doubts about going in a particular direction. It seems every time some questions are answered there are more issues that come up. Ideally you can wait until after mid-September, but if you do have to sign on the dotted line, ensure you've read the small print.


Mars in Virgo should be giving you the forensic details on all you need to do. However murky Neptune is clouding the picture, creating smoke-screens or even a hall of mirrors. Bide your time and pick your way carefully. The upcoming Virgo New Moon will bring a reset.


Communicative Mercury enters Libra on Monday clearing your head and providing interesting interactions. Yet there's an element of your life which remains uncertain. Once Mars the action planet comes to Libra mid-month you'll be ready to make your decisions.


Your perceptive powers are as sharp as ever and therefore you can sense that something is not quite right. It's really a case of feeling your way, adapting to ever-changing situations and having the capacity to put yourself in someone else's shoes.


You're in the run-up to a re-launch of your goals and ambitions. Right now you could be experiencing teething troubles so allow some flexibility on the schedules. Not everyone is as motivated as you are to make things happen but you can still work things out.  


Your place in the world is receiving a combined public relations campaign from Venus and Mercury which ensures your considerable skills and talents gain appreciation and attention. However you seem to be in two minds as to your exact plans and need to buy some time before a major commitment.


Fortunately you have Saturn in your sign to check all is what it should be. Perhaps someone is spinning a line, or is making promises they can't deliver. Yet you are wearing your no-nonsense hat, so anything untoward can be put to rights before it does any damage.


You are no stranger to Neptune's mirages, magic and mysteries. If anything you live in a parallel universe whilst still maintaining functionality! Yet this week, Mars in Virgo is asking awkward questions – to which you may not have an answer. Someone wants facts rather than fantasy.

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