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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 6 to 12 December

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debbie frank horoscope

Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Even if future plans are a little sketchy in terms of direction or timing, you're particularly pleased to tie down one important arrangement that has seemed like a make or break scenario. It's cause for celebration. Yet Venus and Pluto begin their tango on Saturday and you're dancing that number for the next few months!


Your connection with someone is helping you feel empowered as it brings out the best in you. Riding the current misty landscape together you have someone who completely gets this crazy terrain. However circumstances beyond your control are upping the ante around long term plans. Try to relax and watch it all unfold.


Having ticked something off your list early in the week you run into the main December weather which brings you to the table for a long drawn out negotiation. Of course, this is your forte as master of what to say. Go slowly as this is a very complicated issue which will necessitate a lot of back and forth.


It's very clear that when it suits certain people they're more than happy to rubber stamp a collaboration. It's when they want to control the outcome that you encounter those tactics that feel uncomfortable. Things could turn a little film noir and pull an emotional chord. What's more it will take time before that breakthrough happens.


You have your ways of making things work and are very good at it. Yet December puts you in a situation where you find yourself in a stand-off with the powers that be whether that's fate or a strong personality. Don't be in a hurry to resolve this as right now you just need to read the situation correctly.


You're a brilliant fixer but your sphere of influence is being called into question. There are areas that are impossible to tweak or organise and perhaps your best solution is to simply accept that some things are outside of your control. It will release the tension and give you some much needed peace of mind.


You've been working very hard towards a big result or reward and initial signs look positive. Yet there's still a long way to go before you can wrest yourself of the internal and external struggle that has put you off balance. You can't click your fingers and remove it. But you can choose to neutralise the effects.


You're turning a corner early in the week. Celebrate your victories and notice the power of your voice, ideas and message which will be a big theme this month. Perhaps you have held things inside for too long. The coming weeks and months will give you a platform to air your views.


Although no-one has absolute guarantees regarding unquantifiable situations you can encourage people to think positively in the meantime. As you're coming up to a crucial negotiation you also need to understand what makes someone tick at a deeper level. Everyone has their own fears and defences – including you!


You're moving into a time and territory of deep and meaningful revelations. Whether you need to bare your soul or become aware of what's going on for other people the rest of the month of December and into next year will put a new slant on your perception and capacity to tell it like it is.


As you have such a wide network it's inevitable that you encounter those who are beacons of light and those who drain energy. You know how to detach yourself which is your saving grace. Yet this weekend you recognise you're being brought back into an old pattern or situation or something from your past is surfacing. At this point just be present to it.


Although you're still weighing the options on certain matters, this week affirms you have something wonderful to look forward to. This is enough to light a candle in your heart. As you move from this weekend through the rest of December, you're making some powerful connections and reconnections.

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