Weekly horoscope: 11 to 18 April

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


A powerful week downloads plenty of celestial new beginnings so dip into your imaginative stirrings for signs of potential. In addition the potent Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 16th confirms where you stand in a relationship matter. Someone close to you is airing their feelings and needs.


Although you're a very grounded earth sign, the cosmos is urging you to look up to the heavens. To the extraordinary meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in particular which signals a new era of unfolding promise in a collaboration or between friends. This is palpably delightful.


Many Geminis are spotting a golden opportunity to further their aim, goals and ambitions with the rare meeting between fortunate Jupiter and inspiring Neptune. Mars is also providing the oomph to go all out between now and late May. There's a lot going on. All of it has the potential to make you feel fully alive.


You are sensitive enough to pick up on the celestial whisperings of good times to come, opportunities to unfold and places to go. Getting back in the flow seems easier now. Stay in it at Full Moon when it seems as if it's a case of either/or – which isn't necessarily true. Why can't you have it all?


If you're sensing a deeper longing to get up close and personal put it down to the Jupiter Neptune fusion which creates a great sense of connection. For too long you've noticed barriers and defences, but they are being transcended. Your words are speaking volumes over the weekend.


A perfect union between Jupiter and Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces is softening the edges of your capacity to relate to others. A greater sense of empathy, mutual understanding and shared vision is now possible as long as you dissolve all those lines you have drawn in the sand.


The one and only Libra Full Moon this year presides over the weekend, bringing a new emphasis into your world, especially if it's been out of balance in recent months. This coupled with the exquisite meeting of Jupiter and Neptune creates rarified moments that speak to your soul.


There is so much creative and romantic inspiration spilling into your life right now it's as if you've being filled up with some kind of healing balm. It's relaxing you in every cell of your being and more than that – you're actually able to let go of the past. How many times have you tried to do that, but now it happens naturally.


You often wonder why other people cannot see what you see about life and its exciting potential, it's unfolding adventures and meaning. Yet now that Jupiter and Neptune are dancing together, others are getting the gist of how you live your life and the joy of focusing on the positive. This can only be good for you!


If you've held back from voicing your feelings this is the time to change that habit and speak from the heart. Everything you say will be more authentic and draw you closer to those who have always wondered what you really think. You're due to make an exponential leap in your life.


Saturn's sojourn in your sign has grounded you, enabling the practical to take precedence over flights of fancy. You're still pinned into this reality check until March 2023. Yet this week stirs your imagination in ways which affirm your vision and grand plans for a spectacular future.


A transcendent meeting between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces suggests you're feeling more soulful than ever, more psychic, in tune and above all more positive about your capacity to evolve and up-level. Dynamic Mars powers into your sign on Friday, coupled with a full-on, Full Moon all in time for Easter.

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