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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


Paying attention to details may not be your thing, but is absolutely necessary early this week when Venus meets with the stern planet Saturn. Having ticked that box, you are free to sail into the promise of the Aries New Moon on Friday – a burst of inspiration and fresh energy.


Going slow is absolutely your thing and has paid off in terms of getting things right in the past. Your down to earth practicality and common sense leaves the airheads at a loss! Having solved an issue, you can sail into a re-birthing period from Friday's New Moon. Think afresh ready for late April's eclipse in your sign.


If Saturn's restraining energy is putting the blockers on one of your long-term plans perhaps it's wise to focus instead on areas of enthusiastic collaboration. Your networking skills are coming to the fore and the upcoming New Moon pulses with people power so that you find yourself in the right place at the right time.


As you are attuned to the ebb and flow of energy patterns it's quite within your playlist to go right into your shell early in the week only to emerge in your full glory by the end of it. Trust yourself to know what works best for you in any given situation and by the weekend you get affirmation you're on track.


A crucial meeting between Venus and Saturn in the relationship angle of your chart suggests you get to grips with what's going between you and those you consider significant. Any tensions need addressing, weak spots recognised and deciding whether you can make progress as a pair of grown-ups.


Applying yourself to the task in hand is rarely a problem for conscientious Virgo. So you get to buckle down and enjoy being busy. Yet something rather magical is in the offing in April and you can position yourself to receive the benefits of that right now. You are proving how to make your own luck!


You know this is a time to go ‘all in' rather than sit on the fence and actually your focal point comes as something of a relief after all the waiting and wondering. What's more, some very special energy is constellating with Friday's New Moon in the relationship angle of your chart bringing a life-affirming connection to the fore.


Doing the right thing is always important to you, but early this week you are more aware than ever of acting responsibly. As your working pattern is opening up to embrace something of an upgrade this year you'll get a glimpse of exactly what's possible on Friday's New Moon.


You're the master at telling it like it is and the unvarnished truth is likely to strike a chord. Whatever needs to be said, now is the time to say it. Following on the whole atmosphere lightens up to become more playful, exciting and adventurous – just the way you like things to be.


Doing the deal, signing something off or executing something of a reality check is vitally important and you're the one who understands the timing better than most people. As a new cycle of personal growth is lit up at the end of the week, you literally don't want unfinished business hanging over you.


Venus and Saturn are holding close in your sign this week, creating a need to check in with your own boundaries or any heavy-duty issues that are restricting your personal freedom. Perhaps you need to blitz something, or make your intentions clear particularly if someone wants more from you than you're able to give.


Whatever is holding you back from enjoying something magical and meaningful needs to be taken care of. Draw a line under the past and look forward to moving into a rather special phase of your life. Making new memories can only happen if there's space in your data-bank so delete what needs to go.

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