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Your horoscope for the week ahead: 14th to 20th November 2022

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Debbie Frank
Debbie FrankAstrologer
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Lighter energy infuses this week with a degree of co-operation that’s been missing. In fact people are willing to move on with their lives which is a relief for all concerned. Float some ideas and give them all something to look forward to. You'll be surprised at how they jump at the prospect.


If it weren’t for certain awkward individuals who seem to evade any sense of personal responsibility you'd be flying high. However, what counts is your own capacity to make things as good as possible and tap into those who understand exactly what it takes to get you here.


As soon as you receive a positive response from someone who's clearly on your side, maximise its full effect by truly believing in what can be achieved together. As planets are moving into the partnership angle of your skies you can do more as a partnership than you can going solo.


A flow of emotional intelligence around you enhances a general sense of shared values and appreciation of what matters in life. Include those on your wave-length in your plans and activities so you can support each other. Of course there are some who simply don't get it, but are they really part of your tribe?


People imagine that your Leo capacity to make things shine is achieved by being pushy or overly confident. They don't understand that your natural gift is enhancing everything to be the best it can be and that part of your natural radiance becomes embedded in your projects. Perhaps they wish they were you.


Too much time has been wasted going over old ground when it's clear that you have some wonderful openings ahead that require your attention. Find your inner sparkle and let go of issues that have pulled you down and drained you. Leave them behind and choose to believe in your future.


You've been through a sticky patch which you've realised was made more difficult by the attitude of the individuals involved. Making a pact with yourself that you will be more conscious of the company you keep can only be of benefit. Especially as those red and green flags are perfectly obvious to you now.


A wonderful link between the Sun in Scorpio and your powerful ruling planet Pluto raises your awareness of how you can transform everything simply by altering your perception. This is made even more important through your appreciation of some of the bright and shiny people around you. They bring you alive.


Don't be surpised if you suddenly find yourself taking the world by storm, after a period of putting out fires and crisis management. The cosmic energy has turned on a dime and you're naturally primed to be first up with the new agenda. It feels good to be in the flow after such a long time.


It's true you often have a steadying influence on others which is why you've been in high demand over a turbulent few weeks. However, now you need to carve out some time for yourself in order to recharge your batteries. Press the privacy button whenever you can and reserve your powers for re-starting yourself.


You're being drawn into an air of anticipation that is both pleasurable and participatory as recent pressures recede into the distance. So don't look back. There is joy in your future and a chance to reclaim a sense of purpose. Perhaps the details aren't available yet but that doesn't mean they aren't constellating.


Things are looking a lot more promising now that the eclipse season is out of the way. However, you don't want to assume everything is hunky dory when you've been bitten once too often. Enjoy the greater sense of goodwill that’'s circulating and make the most of it, without getting trapped in expected outcomes.

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