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Your horoscope for the week ahead: December 5th to 11th 2022

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The Full Moon's proximity to hot and spicy Mars is likely to inflame some of your interactions to fever pitch this week. Mars is both the planet of desire and the god of war – so it’s best to recognise just how much you want your own way and reflect on how to make things work for everyone.


It's remarkable how irritated get by the smallest things – those that are not born under the famously patient sign of Taurus that is. Whilst you can play the long game certain people just want a quick win and with the Full Moon amplifying their needs they may well go all out to get it. Keep calm and carry on.


So far you may have given certain situations a wide berth knowing that Mars retrograding through your sign means you have to 'allow extra time for your journey'. However the presence of this week’s Full Moon also in your sign pitches you right into the centre things. Perhaps it’s time to let people know how your feel?


You could be forgiven for wanting to disappear into your shell. Out of the firing line and the fray that is sounding off all around you care of this week’s intense Full Moon. Keeping a safe distance is your way of protecting yourself but it’s also well to remember not to take anything personally.


Gatherings are not only about celebrations but a chance to communicate and connect. As feisty Mars is also at this week's Full Moon party there's a riotous air and also a smattering of rivalry. As a Leo you don’t need to seek attention, because it always find you. Therefore be the person who comes from the heart.


Your busy schedule means that it doesn't feel like a season of peace just yet. In fact, despite there being very little time and space you're in the mood to put the world to rights and everything in its place. However, those close to you may have other ideas and are quite simply living for the moment.


Things are reaching a peak with the Full Moon and therefore decisions can be made, but you also feel over-stretched. Try not to get pulled into any kind of race towards the finishing line, but go at your own pace. That way you retain a measure of equilibrium and reserve precious energy for your own priorities.


If the law of karma is supposed to reflect a system of getting back what you put in it's possible that you've felt rather short-changed. However, the universe has a mechanism for keeping score that is outside of our everyday perception. So when something presents itself as a gift, option or a resolution it's worth exploring with an open mind.


The Sun in your sign is partying with the Full Moon and Mars in Gemini this week. People are going to be loud and upfront which might suit the directness of your own nature. However, perhaps it's going to be a bit much for certain people to handle. Offer the olive branch wherever possible.


The good news is that Mercury and Venus will enter your own sign this week bringing with them a measure of good sense that can dispel the rowdier aspects of the Full Moon. Whilst some people are out to settle scores, they will look rather immature compared to your wise perspective.


Were it not for your innate capacity to detach you’d be overwhelmed with all the noise surrounding this week's high octane Full Moon. Besides, you naturally want to step back from someone who is coming across as over-bearing. Not getting into it is your secret weapon. It will leave them astonished.


Someone's expectations might be way out of line and beyond your remit. Gently but firmly let them know that you can't tick all their boxes. Carving out a bit of space for your own needs is essential, otherwise people mistake your good nature for total compliance. You do have your own life after all.

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