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Your horoscope for the week ahead: 6th March to 12th March 2023

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Your compass is undergoing a re-set with Tuesday's Full Moon coupled with the entry of Saturn into your next-door-neighbour sign of Pisces. A long term pathway is opening up that will take you through to 2025/6 when Saturn's results show arrives in Aries. So check in with yourself and ask if you're on track.


The Sun's dance with Uranus in Taurus is making it easier than you thought to let go of all that is outmoded and actually enjoy the process of change as it evolves moment to moment. Besides, it tidies up all the loose ends which is something the Full Moon in the pernickety sign of Virgo firms up.


Only three more weeks to go until Mars finally finishes its 5 month sojourn in your sign. Since late October you've been in stop-go mode. So Tuesday's definitive Full Moon marks out what needs to happen next and Saturn's new role as director of proceedings is business-like in approach. Simple.


As a sensitive water sign you tend to pick up all the currents and emotional nuances floating around you but Saturn's new position in the long-term angle of your skies is urging you to develop a firm strategy for your future. This will feel stabilising and reduce the level of distraction that's been keeping you from shining your full star power.


If there is one thing to tune into this week it's the departure of the heavy-weight planet Saturn from the relationship angle of your chart. Since 2020 you've been feeling the pressure from others in both a business and personal setting which has put you in the shade on many an occasion. Allow Tuesday's Full Moon to create a fresh start.


The potent Virgo Full Moon is the 'one and only' in your sign this year so it's time to set your house in order ready to receive Saturn's entry into Pisces from Tuesday. As Saturn is taking up residency in the relationship angle of your chart the next 2.5 years will make clear who is really there for you and a keeper worth having in more than one area of your life.


A strong message from Tuesday's Full Moon is to finish your unfinished business as you need to free up space in your life. Psychological clutter is as detrimental to your well-being and balance as the physical version. Saturn's new role is to keep you present and on-track – so no more procrastination!


No-one expects more from you than you do from yourself. So perhaps you need a change of emphasis as Saturn moves to detail the joys of life rather than getting through. It's really a shift of perception and observation leading to greater engagement with all those things that generate happiness.


Very often your mantra is to live for today rather than worry about tomorrow. It's a blessing to live in the present, however Saturn is moving to emphasise the building work that needs to be done that will enable your efforts to have strong foundations. You can still go all out after checking the flight plan.


Saturn is moving to accent your thinking, ideas and communication skills over the next couple of years, so it's time to get your message straight.  People often turn to you for practical advice but the world needs your strategic thinking sooner rather than later so why not work on ways to make your message part of the development rather than the clean-up.  


As Saturn vacates Aquarius on Tuesday less than an hour after the Full Moon you're made aware that an important shift is taking place. The blocks are off and you're being released from constraints be they self-imposed or via external sources. Re-connect with your creative spark and you will be your old self – but wiser!


Tuesday is a cosmically powerful entry point into a new era. The Virgo Full Moon draws your attention to other people's influence in your life and Saturn's arrival into Pisces within the hour for a 2.5 year stint is akin to a personal coronation. You're moving into a time of taking on greater personal responsibility.

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