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Weekly horoscope: 20th February to 26th 2023

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red debbie frank weekly horoscope
Debbie Frank
February 20, 2023
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The arrival of Venus into Aries will light you from within over the coming weeks. Venus is the beautiful art of compromise, the look of love, the harmony maker that finds agreement and the calm after a storm. Monday’s New Moon in the most intuitive sector of your skies will show you where these qualities are most needed.


Finding peace and quiet is soothing to your soul although Monday’s New Moon is adding people to your mind-map of teams and allies that are calling you to be part of a new mission. You can do both. Be the one to set out your new agenda this week. Especially if you’ve been over-stretched.


Propelling yourself forward will show others that you’re visibly on top of things and have a clear intention in mind. Monday’s New Moon starts a new cycle for your interaction with the world which will produce a raft of possibilities. Speak your mind, even if it causes a few shock-waves. In this climate you are best getting on with it.


If you’ve been feeling that your world has become a little small it will come as a relief to expand your reach, plan a trip or a connection with people who can add something new to your life. Keep developing rather than standing still and you’ll feel that energy rush and excitement of feeling fully alive.


You might receive something of a wake-up call with the New Moon accenting your business interests and/or joint ventures of a more personal nature. If you’ve been going with the flow here in recent years there’s likely to be a move towards something more structured and stable. On March 7, sensible Saturn will begin a 2.5 sojourn here so whatever you’re thinking of, make it real.


As a more conciliatory atmosphere is developing around shared projects and financial outcomes you’re in a good position to benefit from what’s happening over the coming weeks. What’s more the New Moon in your relationship zone offers a burst of energy to kick-start interactions with others that promise new directions for both of you. 


A flutter of love arrives in the form of Venus into Aries which promotes the kind of magnetic attraction that makes relationships fly for the next few weeks. Don’t neglect the day job as a New Moon in Pisces on Monday suggests that a new approach to your daily tasks is necessary and this will become set in stone once Saturn settles in here from March 7th.


You should be getting into your stride with a working rhythm that suits you and therefore ready to take up the promise of the New Moon in the most creative and romantic sector of your skies. It’s putting a spring in your step and opening up your heart chakra. Whoever or whatever this represents has a strong chance of getting serious with Saturn’s arrival from March 7 th .


Whilst Venus in Aries initiates you into the wonders of loving life again, you’re ready to explore all your attractions. However ,a New Moon in the home domain of your chart is calling your attention to a decision that must be made about how or where you live in the near future. It’s becoming ever more obvious the old cycle is over.


If you thought that you’d got a busy plan all mapped out, think again. This week opens up new possibilities and trajectories that re-shape your thinking. Welcome them as a breath of fresh air and a chance to do things differently. There’s no time like the present to kick-start a brand new initiative that puts a smile on your face.


With Saturn due to vacate your sign and your aura in a matter of weeks your attention is being drawn to the next thing that needs sorting out in your life. Namely finances. This is your opportunity to build from the ground up, put safe-checks in place and commit to a new enterprise or course of action that has you in it for the long haul.


The Pisces New Moon on Monday is the most important one of the whole year for instigating a new wave in your personal identity and how you feel about yourself. Drop old attachments that are hanging by a thread and embark on being who you want to be. On March 7th , the formidable Saturn will come to visit for 2.5 years and everything takes shape.

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