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Weekly horoscope: 27th February to 5th March 2023

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Debbie Frank
27 February 2023
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It really is true that as one door closes another one opens as this week's cosmos shows you what's closing out and what's coming in. Venus and Jupiter are the twin lights in your personal sky that promise a whole new vista is going to be created via your warm and progressive nature.


Saturn's punctuation mark is not something you can ignore. Holding on can drain you of energy when something has clearly run its course. Besides you're less than three months away from the arrival of generous Jupiter into your sign and a new flow of opportunities that have your name on them.


Although you like to juggle your options it's clear that you need to focus on the main chance now. Any distractions lesson your capacity to make a strong impact and dilute your message. Show that you mean business and have a target in mind that will benefit others. They will clock it straight away.


If you've found someone's style to be a form of tough love, perhaps it's time to look to those who truly support you. Someone's critical and pessimistic approach is getting you down and makes a stark contrast with others who generate a positive atmosphere. It's time to make choices that take you where you need to go.


Any sticking points in a relationship will be blatantly obvious this week and need to be addressed. Is it time to agree to disagree or walk? It's not that you don't have other options as Venus and Jupiter open up possibilities which look to be mutually beneficial. What's more they offer growth for the future.


In the run up to next week's Full Moon in Virgo you're looking at signing off on one cycle and beginning another. You need confirmation that certain arrangements are in working order before you can open to giving something your all. As you well know, you need a solid foundation rather than living on a wing and a prayer.


As Venus and Jupiter smooch in the relationship angle of your chart this week there's a flow of connection between you and a certain someone that lights up your life. Whether it's business or personal you've got a good fit and bring out the best in each other. It gives you a confidence boost which enables you to tackle the heavier tasks.


Communication has to be business-like even if you're discussing some aspect of your personal life as clarity is all at this point. Having settled an outstanding matter you'll be more than happy to think about expanding in new directions that have the capacity to delight and amuse you.


Of course you have your personal preferences, but isn't it time that you voiced them with a little more oomph so that others don’t get the idea that you're so easy going they can call all the shots? Be a mover and shaker this week and bring the full force of your fire to bear on how things take shape.


You need to be your own money mentor this week and attend to those matters that will underpin your existence. Your careful approach usually safeguards your position and you feel like setting something in stone. This way you can experience a sense of relief and give more attention to the personal life you deserve.


Mercury's final sign-off with Saturn in your sign on Thursday is confirmation that your work in a particular area is done and you are free to move onto something more rewarding and fulfilling. In other words, things are due to lighten up big time. Perhaps you can get back to being the free spirit that is your birth right.


With just days to go before Saturn enters Pisces you're approaching a new phase of your life that requires you to edit, focus and apply yourself to defining exactly who you are and how you want to live. As Mercury crosses the line into Pisces this week discussions begin to reveal your thoughts on such matters.

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