A prince for Will and Kate? 'James' takes the lead for royal baby name

With Prince William and the Kate Middleton expecting their second child in April, speculation is mounting about what they will call the baby. A number of names have been suggested in recent weeks, but according to Cormac Dowling, a novelties and politics trader for Betfair, bookmakers have seen a fresh wave of bets believing that their second baby will be called James.

Prince William and Kate are expecting their second child in April Photo: Getty Images

“James has really thrown a spanner in the royal baby betting works," he revealed. "Over 70 percent of the bets placed have been on the girls’ names, a majority of those being on Alice, Victoria and Charlotte. But within a half an hour period, James has been backed into 3/1 from 12/1 by a flurry of interesting bets.”

Kate Middleton's brother is named James as well as several monarchs Photo: Getty Images

Six Scottish kings have gone by this name. James VI ascended to the British throne after the death of Elizabeth I in 1603 and there was James I who was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and ruled over England, Scotland and Ireland. Not to mention, James is Kate's brother's name.

The royal couple could name the baby after Queen Elizabeth if it's a girl Photo: Getty Images

Recent reports suggested that Alice is the favorite choice for a girl, with bookmakers William Hill slashing the odds to 4/1. Meanwhile, others believe that the new baby could be called Elizabeth in a nod to William's grandmother the Queen, who will celebrate her birthday on April 21. Kate has previously revealed that her due date is mid-to-end April, so the name would prove a fitting choice if she does give birth around the Queen's special day.

Other possible girls' names include Charlotte and Victoria and Alexandra — the Queen's middle name, and a favorite choice for a girl throughout Kate's first pregnancy in 2013.

Prince George will soon have a baby brother or sister Photo: Getty Images

If William and Kate do welcome another baby boy, Arthur is the other front-runner with bookmakers, along with Albert, Richard or even Philip — the same as William's grandfather the Duke of Edinburgh. But is it your favorite name for a little Prince?

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